Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches Free-to-Play Option

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches Free-to-Play Option

BioWare along with LucasArts has announced the availability of ‘Free to Play’ option for the multiplayer online game ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’. The new option will now allow gamers to enjoy the adventurous game all the way till the 50th level for free. It is a game in which players team up with friends online and engage in heroic battles and star wars combat exploring vibrant planets. 

This free gaming is being offered as an extra benefit to the latest subscribers thereby giving players an opportunity to experience Star Wars: The Old Republic. Mathew Bromberg, General Manager of BioWare Austin was stated as saying, “We want to give our players the freedom to enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic when and how they want”. 

What is new about this game version?

The new version will feature extra gaming levels and a new character. It unveils Galaxy’s most deadly assassins, HK-51. The game also brings in a derelict ship which is placed beneath the icy surface of Belsavis. Players who are successful in taking control of this ship and venturing through the wreckage will ultimately get rewarded with one of the most powerful ally Assassin Droid HK-51. Customers can also explore Section X which is an untouched area located in the prison world of Belsavis. 

Players travelling to Denova for the Operation: Explosive Conflict has got a new mode to play called the nightmare. Here they have an opportunity to win the final pieces of the Dread Guard Gear Set along with a brand new mount which could really put them to advantageous position in the battle field. 

This massive multiplayer online game is trying to boost its popularity by providing its players with its free-to-play option. 

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