Super Mario Bros Turns 30! Here Are 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know

    Super Mario Bros has turned 30, and it fair to say that there are very few gaming characters that has survived the 80s to also maintained its popularity till date.

    The iconic game went on to sell over 40 Nintendo and Famicom. Many gamers have fall in love with the game and started collecting coins, ate mushroom and battled with King Koopa all to rescue the Princess.

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    Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual fan or just know about the Super Mario, here are some of the interesting facts about the game. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

    Mario was originally named Jumpman

    Mario was originally named as Jumpman. The name changed to Super Mario while releasing to the U.S. market.

    Earlier Titles

    Even before it was named Jumpman, Mario was known as Mr. Vidoe and Ossan even before, meaning "middle-aged man."

    Mario on Nintendo

    Mario has appeared in more than 200 video games across multiple Nintendo platforms.

    Bullets and Torpedo

    Bullet Bills and Torpedo Teds of Mario's underwater foes, are said to be inspired by the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

    Super Mario Movie

    Super Mario movie in 1993 was one of the first films to be made based on a video game.

    Super Mario Sales

    The original Super Mario Bros had a whopping 40.24 million copies sales figures are skewered by the fact that it was bundled with Nintendo.

    Super Mario Franchise

    The Super Mario franchise is the best-selling gaming series ever. It is the most successful in video games history selling almost 300 million copies since 1985.

    Super Mario 3D

    The game came on Wii U as Super Mario 3D at 1702MB download, but original game was able to fit in a 256KB on NES cartridge.

    Designed for Hardware Limitations

    Mario was designed with hardware limitations of the NES. The machine was incapable of rendering realistic-looking hair, so a hat was necessary to hide hair.

    Princess Name

    Princess Peach was not named until 1993. Before that she was known as Princess Toadstool.

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