The Walking Dead Retail Release for Xbox 360 facing Freezing issues

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Video game lovers who bought the physical copies of the Xbox The Walking Dead are facing issues like the game is stuttering and even freezing at times. Gamers who have played at least one of the telltale's titles must be well aware of the quick-time events made use of in the game. It is quite difficult for players to finish the game with stuttering and freezing.

Disturbances in finishing the game makes it impossible for the players to proceed further with the game. The players are also facing other issues apart from freezing and stuttering.

The Walking Dead Retail Release for Xbox 360 facing Freezing issues

Some players who attempted to begin with episode 2 found themselves landing in the start of episode 1. There are also complaints that the choices are not transferring from chapter to chapter, for example, a dead character in episode 1 suddenly appears in episode 2. The problems reported are really complicated with telltale's forums filled with complaints.

Telltale has released a report following the complaints saying that the issue seems to affect only 4 GB Xbox 360 Slims. However, people using other Xbox 360 models are also experiencing problems with the game.

Telltale has assured that it will investigate into matter. Hopes are alive that the issues will be sorted out soon as the company has quite a few fans asking a refund. A momentary solution to the problem is to opt for downloading The Walking Dead if one is planning to play through Xbox 360.

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