Thinkgeek’s 8-Bitty a gamepad for iOS devices soon

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Thinkgeek’s 8-Bitty a gamepad for iOS devices soon

Thinkgeek, the company which has launched many innovative gaming devices and electronic gadgets has come up with their latest offering. A game controller that is that has a retro styling. The device is named as 8-Bitty.

Like the gadgets name the device is also very unique and stands apart from the usual game controllers in the market. The first thing that catches your attention is the design of the device. It is designed to look like the classic four button game controller that came with Nintendo. The design is simple but very beautiful. The controller has a rectangular box like form factor.

The overall colour of the device is black. The buttons are large and brightly coloured. There is a navigation button on the left and four red coloured control buttons on the right. Game start button is provided at the centre .The controller is very small and compact and will easily fit in your palms. Design wise actually this controller is much more visually appealing than the original grey coloured controller.

The device connects to your iPad or iPhone through Bluetooth link. This wireless interface makes this excellent for gaming. You can pivot the iDevice in a table and lean back, relax and play the games. It is compatible with many games and gaming applications including all the iCADE games and the classic Atari collection. The compatibility list is growing day by day.

8-Bitty uses an open interface system. This is very useful since any independent developer can easily add games support to any games for the controller. Even support can be extended to android devices and this increases the overall practicality of the device. The controller works in 3 AAA batteries. It gives the controller extended playing time and once it runs out of juice just swap them for another set of batteries.

The disappointing fact is that this device is not in stock yet. It will be available some time later in this year itself. 8 –Bitty will come with a price tag of about Rs.1500/-. This is a very impressive and affordable price tag and for all those people out there who want to enjoy some good quality gaming time, this is a must have device. You can sign up for email updates in the ThinkGeek site so that you will know exactly when this device will roll out and also get the latest updates about it.


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