Top 10 Action Adventure Games in India

By Gizbot Bureau

    If you prefer games with complex storyline and elements of problem solving and action, then action adventure games are your preferred choice.

    This specialized genre involves reflex based gameplay, where action elements are combined with environment exploration, item collection as well as puzzle solving. Action adventure games often appeal to an audience that loves interactive elements and intelligent action rather than button smashing aggressiveness.

    Here is a compilation of the top 10 action adventure games in India.


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    Grand Theft Auto IV has taken action adventure gaming genre to a whole new level due to its expansive visuals, great characters and storyline and fantastic action. The game has multi player option with support for as many as 32 players at a time. This multi-player option adds to the game, making it more alive. A well-built video editing feature, multiple missions and several other optional activities make Grand Theft Auto IV a must play game for all action adventure game fans.
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    Max Payne 3 is a game that takes forward the story of a gritty former New York City Detective who is haunted by the traumatic murder of his wife and child. In this installment Max is working as a private security personnel for an industrialist and his family in Brazil. This game offers exceptional graphics and is a visual treat since cutting edge cinematic technology has been implemented. The game play is far more refined than earlier versions and players get access to advanced weaponry. Beside singly player campaign the game also offers multi player mode. The reward as well as leveling system, customization options and incredibly characterization make this a must have game in your arsenal of games.

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    Tomb Raider Underworld takes the story ahead from the Legend installment with Lara unearthing the possibility of her mother being alive and within the realm of Avalon. The movements and motion of Lara has been designed to be extremely natural. The interaction of Lara with the environment is immersive and offers a great deal of variety. The excellent lighting and great puzzle solving makes this game entertaining. The speed and movement of the character is fluid and players also find picking things up extremely easy.

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    Devil May Cry 4 is a slickly designed game offering fast paced action and allows users to play Nero, a young knight who has to deal with his new power and his beliefs. This game brings in a new combat system, the 'Devil Bringer' which allows players to inflict maximum damage on the enemies. Modes such as turbo and dark knight mode makes the game extremely entertaining. The game has excellent graphics and moving through the environment collecting orbs is entertaining.

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    Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a new game that capitalizes on the exceptional popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series through this new, improved game. Players get to explore impressive new environments and have the option to pick from more than 120 new luxury vehicles including motor cycles, yachts and even planes. This game also offers players with option of choosing from 40 different weapons. The story plays out beautifully and building large empires, stealing cars and killing can keep the players engaged.

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    Xmen Origins Wolverine is a deeply engaging game that showcases the sheer power and brutal force of the popular Xmen character Wolverine. The graphics are exceptionally stunning and the game has an excellent story line. The combat in the game includes light as well as heavy attacks and killing a variety of enemies can get quite exciting. Through stat improvement system players can upgrade the damage and add to the attack repertoire. The detailing of characters, the real time regeneration after an injury and the immersive storyline are all extremely impressive and fun.

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    Arkham Asylum is a game that banks on the huge popularity of Batman to create an engaging and visually stunning gaming experience. Unlike other superheroes Batman depends on his detective skills for unlocking mysteries and uses a variety of slick tools and gadgets to defeat enemies. Indulging in hand to hand combat with a wide range of adversaries is great fun. The healthy mix of stealth with action makes this game extremely engaging. As the players progress to the game they get several additions to their arsenal of weapons. The graphics and design work is exceptional with great amount of detailing and texture addition.

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    Hitman Absolution is a game in the famous Hitman series that has been developed for the hardcore gamers. The game starts with the central character Agent 47 setting out to kill Diane Burnwood, his former handler. Diane requests Agent 47 to protect a child in her care and Agent 47 tries to find out why the agency wants to acquire the child. While the game has a promising start in terms of story it tends to disintegrate a bit. The game has several missions that require the expertise of the protagonist and pulling off some of the missions through target tailing and careful planning can be incredibly satisfying. Players can also get newer abilities and new weapons and this makes it a fairly entertaining game.

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    L.A Noire is the ultimate game for detective buffs with players scouring crimes scenes, investigating for clues and questioning suspects. The game plays out the story of Cole Phelps, a young and ambitious detective working in LAPD and trying to rise up the ranks. With as many 21 different cases the game has fascinating stories featuring serial killers, gangsters, rapists, etc. Players have access to six kinds of game play which include investigation, running, interrogation, driving, shooting and fighting. The face and expressions are incredibly realistic and exploring the environments is a great deal of fun.

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    Red Dead Redemption is one of the best immersive sandbox games to be developed by Rockstar. In this game players get to play the role of outlaw John Marston who mends his ways, gets married and settles down after being left for dead by members of his old gang. After his wife and child are kidnapped by federal agents, he is given the task of searching for his old gang members. The game takes the players through this quest of finding the gang members. The game has stunning visuals with impeccable detailing of the environment. Players have plenty of missions to contend with and enough number of good or bad deeds leaves an immediate impact on the players' standing in society. The game has single as well as multi player options and this adds to the entertainment value. The fabulous characterization and authentic portrayal of the Wild West make it an addictive game.

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