Turtle Beach new gaming headsets PS3 and Xbox 360 review

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Turtle Beach new gaming headsets PS3 and Xbox 360 review

Turtle Beach has come up with a new line up of headsets for advanced audio and gaming experience. The most attractive among them is the Call of Duty releases including Black Ops II headsets and also Wii U licensed headsets. 

Call of Duty releases include Ear Force Tango, Sierra, Earbuds, X-ray and Kilo with price ranging from Rs. 4,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-. Ear Force Tango has a sleek and premium design. It has interesting features like Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Bluetooth, and programmable presets to deliver ultimate audio experience via Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It has a price tag of around Rs. 15,000/-. 

Apart from loading Call of Duty, Ear Force SIERRA is suitable for competitive online play and also playing pro tournaments. Dolby Surround Sound headsets with a streamlined design has LED backlit control, options for personalized presets, and also touch control capabilities. It has a price tag of around Rs. 14,000/-. 

Ear Force X-RAY has a clean design and incorporates latest technology including optimized Dolby Surround Sound for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It has a dynamic Chat Boost and a rechargeable battery supporting 15 hours of play at a price tag of around Rs. 10,000/-. 

Ear Force KILO offers a high fidelity stereo experience with powerful 50mm speakers which is USB powered as well. Users can access gaming audio controls including volume and chat quickly and also have a good audio treat through headset's Bass Boost. It is offered at a cheap price of around Rs. 4,000/-. 

Ear Force EARBUDS is the ideal headset for Call of Duty delivering premium quality gaming and listening experience. It helps in hands free calling via inline micro control and is made available at a low price of around Rs. 3,500/-. 

Other headsets in the new line up include Ear Force M7, Ear Force ZLa and Ear Force PLa & XLa the details of which are not known. Turtle Beach has agreements for producing licensed Wii U headsets. The Nintendo branded headsets will be featuring built-in chat functionality, easy connectivity to Wii U tablet controller and also compatibility to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS.

It is quite amazing to see the launch of such a long list of headsets targeted at different gaming scenarios, gadgets and even game series.

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