Updated versions of iCade arcade gaming products coming in CES 2012

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Updated versions of iCade arcade gaming products coming in CES 2012

The CES event in Las Vegas introduces a large number of newly developed gadgets that has been making news ever since their announcement. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to their favorite brands. Most of the brands are about to unveil their brand new hardware and accessories. One among the most expected devices are iCade that has been designed to flare up the nostalgia of classic arcade gaming. ION has buckled up to present before the world its iCade products at the show. Some of the products that can be expected from iCade in the show would be the

  • iCade Core for iPad

  • iCade Mobile for iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch

What’s new is a question that runs in mind for which the answer is simply- Bluetooth instead of the old wired connectivity of hardware among each other. This will be the case with rest of the accessories and products too. Another feature that’s delightfully surprising will be the ability to mount the iPad in landscape or portrait position since it’s the Bluetooth instead of wires that is interlinking the hardware.

Leaked images of the iCade for iPads in its miniature forms is available in websites clearly replicating the arcade gaming. The iPads can be mounted in them. However, the new design has to its account some changes to the original arcade. iCade for iPads are made less bulky instead they are more sleek and stylish. The exterior design is thus carefully designed so as to avoid looking ancient and thus keeping in mind the new age trends and interest. This can be experienced in all of its features.

It is really a matter of appreciation that the manufacturers could actually create something like this out of the convention gaming methods, that’s still being played with never ending passion. For those who like to take that ride through the memories of good old days when they used to enjoy arcade gaming to its most, as a teenager, the new iCade certainly gives an opportunity to brush up those skills.

When it comes to the price, it’s expected that the iCade mobile will have a price tag of which will be slightly more than Rs 5,000 in India with a console consisting of 4 shoulder buttons, 4 front soft keys and obviously a D-pad. So conventional arcade gaming takes a new lease of life with these iCade products coming through to the market.


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