Video games help treat cataract

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Video games help treat cataract

Playing video games has proved to help improve the vision of people who have cataract by birth, claims a new research.

The contact lenses and surgery might not work in all the cases especially in people suffering from visual difficulties in the adulthood.

Some of the visual difficulties can be reversed if the individuals follow a short course on game therapy, claims the report.

Daphne Maurer, a psychologist during a research tried to find out the ways in which the vision develops in the individuals born with cataracts in both the eyes.

After taking up a game therapy of 40 hours in four weeks, the patients were better in seeing small prints, the direction of dots that are moving and the identity of faces.

Already a research on game therapy was found to cure the lazy eye or amblyopia which is a brain disorder that results when one eyes is subjected to improper development.

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