Wild Pink 3DS gaming consoles launched

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Wild Pink 3DS gaming consoles launched

Just because you play video games, it doesn’t mean you are childish. It has been scientifically proven that video games are one of the best ways to divert depressing thoughts from your mind and it also increases your concentration and focus. Video gaming can be a habit, an addiction or just a way to pass some time.

It is this factor which proved to be advantageous for video game console manufacturers like Sony, Nintendo etc. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo gaming consoles have become a household name, which is something pretty difficult to achieve. Sony’s specialty is the sheer power it offers in its consoles. Nintendo gaming consoles on the other hand, became popular because they used innovation and creativity to provide the gamers with a fun time using their console. For instance, consider the Nintendo Wii console. Using the Wii controller and the force feedback technology, all you need is just wave the controller and the character in the game will behave accordingly.

The fun factor of the Nintendo consoles is what made the consoles popular. Nintendo has managed to impress their customers each time with a new console, for a decade now. Nintendo is also reputed to take into account the interests of the customers. Recent news about Nintendo would prove this to you. Gamers with a valentine are going to have a great time on February 14th. Nintendo’s Pearl Pink 3DS Valentine’s edition will be launched on the 10th of February.

The colour Pink may not sound appealing to boys in their early twenties. But boys do know that girls like the colour. The Nintendo Pearl Pink 3DS was part of the Nintendogs bundle and was accepted by the gaming community with open arms last holiday season. But this time, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who likes video games, Pearl Pink 3DS is the best Valentine’s Day gift you can get them. However this time thought, the console comes bundle-free but at the same price tag it had when it came bundled.

There is also a special feature in the console which would be useful in a valentine’s day. 3D Photos and videos can be captured as well as shared with the Pink 3DS console. There is also an application named Swapnote which can be used to send love greetings and notes to each other. But this is an option only when you don’t have your smartphones with you. The Pearl Pink 3DS bundle-free Valentine’s Day edition is expected to be priced little less than Rs 10 000/- in stores in India.

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