Xbox 720 about to get DVR update and Xbox features

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Xbox 720 about to get DVR update and Xbox features

For the gamers, Xbox is never the last word but it definitely is the last stop for it is sure to exhibit the maximum technology available at that time in gaming. So manufacturers of concerned accessories, software and devices always look up to Xbox to know what is next. Each and every update on the Xbox is highly analyzed and always becomes the loudest talk of the global town. The very new among them is the news on Xbox getting an update which will make it capable of recording movies and games. That will be pronounced as Xbox DVR but don’t bother as it is already titled as Xbox 720.

Key Feature, Highlights:

The major high light of the new Xbox 720 is definitely its media recording feature application which will allow users to record the media contents displayed while game playing or even the game play itself. It’s displayed in the US Patent office link, the Microsoft granted with permission for the new technology application that can be used for media recording by using a television as its client component.

The new upgrade also reportedly integrates with the device’s dashboard which can later be used for recording the contents while game play and that work even when the entire unit is in off condition. That explains why it can be called as a DVR too since it acts much like a DVR. Other digital contents like television programs, even music and movies. It is even capable of recording the DVD that is being played in the device which can be later switched to other modes for game content recording.


The word is widely spread that the new Xbox will be featuring dual GPU AMD Radeon and also six-core CPU. Another anticipation that exists is on the cheaper price of the device considering its chances of having a sleeker profile. There are unconfirmed reports that Microsoft is planning to launch some new console at CES this week. Even though confirmed reports have been received, the release shall be expected only in next year if that’s what the launch of Kinect on November 2010 has taught us something. Thus the latest would be geared up with the following enhancements:

  • Latest Xbox 360 dashboard
  • A DVR recorder application running alongside a television client

No details are currently available on the price details of the update however it’s excepted to  stand close to the basic Xbox gadget.

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