Xbox 720 Leaks: Suggests No Second Hand Games, Always On Internet Connection and Blu-ray Drive

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Sony's PlayStation 4 has been announced earlier this year, but what about the sequel to Xbox 360. The battle of home console will further get murkier once Microsoft announces Xbox 720 this April. A lot has been said about ‘Durango' a.k.a Xbox 720. From epic leaks to Kinect 2 alleged images making its way to internet, it almost confirms the very existence of Xbox 720. Few days ago, it was revealed that Xbox 720 would stop gamers to use second hand games.

Now a fresh rumor suggests console's "Always On, Always Connected "nature. VGleaks has managed to get few snapshots of Durango XDX kit. Earlier also, the same source provided some concrete details about next-gen Xbox 360. As per report, Xbox 720 will use same x64 architecture; sounds familiar to current -gen Xbox 360. The console will use Blu-Ray disks, new high -fidelity Kinect sensor, 7.1 digital output mechanism, HDMI, and much sorted game controller. The above mentioned hardware specifications were bound to be included. Interestingly, the next-gen Xbox 360 could block used games all together.

Xbox 720 Leaks: Suggests No Second Hand Games

"Durango consoles would have a Blu-Ray disk drive. Disk media will be used for distribution but during game play, games will not use content from the optical disk. An installation system is being designed that will allow gamers to begin playing while game is being installed on the hard drive rather than waiting until installation is complete"

This could mean that Microsoft will likely to implement some sort of Anti-used game programme. Surely, the Xbox 720 would be a beast, but stopping gamers to use second hand games could prove disastrous for hardware retailers including Game4u among others. Before the announcement of PlayStation 4, it was speculated that the console could stop gamers to use second hand games. Immediately, after the announcement of PS4, Sony clarified that PS4 can play used games.

Microsoft's Xbox 720 will be based on x64 architecture coupled with 8GB DDR3 RAM, 8 cores CPU clocks at 1.6GHz , 50GB 6X Blu-Ray Disk Drive , at least 500GB or even 1TB hard drive , Gigabit Ethernet , Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct, and USB 3.0. It is further said that the new console will arrive in sleek form factor. Going by the above mentioned hardware specs, it is clearly said that these upcoming next-gen consoles would rather be called as simplified PCs.

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