Xbox 720 Rumors: Ryse And Forza To Be Featured As Launch Titles

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As previously reported, there are a lot of expectations pinned on Microsoft unavailing their new-gen gaming console Xbox 720 in a press event, scheduled to be May 21. This brings us the question, which are the games that will come along with the highly anticipated console?

According to a report from The Verge, Ryse and Forza would be included in the lineup. Ryse is a first person hack and slash game, with the gameplay based in Rome, while Forza Motorsport happens to be a racing game.

Xbox 720 Rumors: Ryse And Forza To Be Featured As Launch Titles

Ryse which is being developed by Crytek in association with Microsoft Studios, was introduced Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2011. The gameplay of Ryse centers around the control of a Roman warrior. The character could be controlled using the Kinect functionality of Xbox 360. The game was supposed to be released as a Xbox 360, exclusive title. However, the plans never materialized. Now there is news that the game is being developed, to take full advantage of the next-generation console.

The new Forza title, developed by Turn 10 Studios in association Microsoft Studios, is a racing game, which is said to incorporate life-like graphics. Apart form the two games, a zombie game and a family game to be launched along with the Xbox 720. According to The Verge the family game is said to utilize Kinect to scan your body and generate a virtual character in the game.

The four games are just a few to be included out of the many. The word is there are many other third-party games being launched for the next-generation Xbox.

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