Xbox One Will Now Be Able To Talk To You And Support Remote Play

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Microsoft unveiled it's next-gen gaming console - Xbox One, last week, showcasing a number of exiting features. What was not detailed was, the Kinect's ability to talk back to the gamers. According to a report from Polygon, the motion sensing input device of Xbox One will not only be able take voice commands but also will be able to converse with players, like Siri of iPhone. The feature is apparently is still in development stage.

Xbox One Will Now Be Able To Talk To You And Support Remote Play

The Kinect will be able to scan the room full of people and let the owner know if it does not recognize some one. It can also ask the unrecognized person to identify him self. Once the introductions are made the kinect will welcome the person and save his information on to the console.

The report adds that this feature will not be made available at the console's launch, but will be added as a post-launch patch in the coming months.

There is also news that the console will allow gamers to let a friend take over the console, remotely, to help them get through a difficult phase in a game. Gamers will be able to talk to a friend via Skype and seek for help on the game. Apparently a pop-up comes on the screen asking if it's is ok for the player you were skyping with, to take control over your console. Once this is acknowledged, the other player gains control and the first player will be able to observe the gameplay. The control can be terminated by ether of the players, by a push of a button

This feature is similar to the Gaikai feature that was introduced by Sony for the Playstation 4. the feature allows other players to take control and as well as let gamers to live-stream their gameplay video on to the other person's screen. The console also allows other gamers to interact with your game by dropping off in-game items like health-packs, weapons and more.

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