Xbox 720 Aka Durango Leaked: What About The Specifications Of The Next Generation Gaming Console?

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Sony and Microsoft are expected to announce the companies' next generation gaming consoles sometime this year most probably slated for E3 2013 Conference to be held in June 2013. The companies have not announced anything officially but have begun teasing the big time.

A new leak describes almost all the features and specifications of Xbox 720 gaming console a.k.a. Durango. The Xbox will have an 8-core CPU, graphics processor clocked at 800 MHz, Blu-ray device, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 32 GB ESRAM and 8 GB RAM among other features.

Vleaks has posted the full specifications of the console. Most of the listed specifications tally with that of the rumors so far. A notable point is that the component image revealed shows an input from Kinect which indicates that Durango will not have in-built sensor. An input through HDMI 1.4a port is also shown hinting at the possibility of the console to be connected to set-top box and its possibility of acting as a TV content recorder.

The leaked hardware specifications of Xbox 720 are listed below:


The CPU designed in x64 architecture has 8 cores clocked at 1.6 GHz. Each CPU thread possesses its own L1 instruction cache of 32 KB and L1 data cache of 32 GB. Every module of four core of the CPU has L2 cache of 2 MB which in effect results in L2 cache of 4 MB. Each core also has an independent hardware thread not having shared execution resources. Two instructions can be issued by each hardware thread in a single clock.

The gaming console is equipped with a custom 800 MHz D3D11.1 class graphics processor. It consists of 12 shader cores imparting 768 threads. Each of these threads is capable of performing scalar MADD (multiplication and addition) in a single clock cycle. At peak performance times, the GPU is capable of issuing 1.3 trillion number of floating point operations in a second. High fidelity NUI (Natural User Interface) sensor is present all the time as well.

Xbox 720 Aka Durango Leaked: Gaming Console

Storage and Memory
Durango is listed to have 8 GB DDR3 (68GB/s) RAM and 32 MB (102 GB/s) fast embedded SRAM. The ESRAM and system memory bandwidths are parallel from GPU perspective with a peak band width offering of 170 GB/s. There is a hard drive and Blu-ray Disc drive of 50 GB as well.

Networking and Hardware Accelerators

Networking in the Xbox 720 is via Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Gigabit Ethernet. There are image, audio and video codecs, move engines, hardware for Kinect MEC (Multiple Echo Cancellation) and encryption, hashing and decryption cryptography engines which act as hardware accelerators.

These are the details known for now and more are expected to be out soon especially if Microsoft is planning to launch Xbox 720 in E3 2013 Conference.


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