Zapak Mobile Brings Total Recall Back to iOS and Android Devices

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Colin Farrell fans can now don their favorite action hero's role themselves with the Total Recall game being re-launched on Android and iOS devices. Zapak Mobile, operating under Reliance Entertainment Digital has collaborated with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to bring out the thrilling sci-fi game. The re-launch shall coincide with release of the motion picture movie on DVD.

A first-person-shooter (FPS), the Total Recall mobile game is guaranteed to thrill with its added features. These include a big boss fight with bad guy Cohaagen, a new Survival mode and some really cool ammunition! Gamers can have a ball with some solid shooter action and 3D graphics fleeing from suspicious attackers in the year 2084. It's a thorough roller-coaster ride quite similar to the contorted storyline the movie follows.

Zapak Mobile Brings Total Recall Back to iOS and Android Devices

The CEO of Reliance Entertainment Digital, Manish Agarwal, stated that the game gives the movie a whole new spin and that they are proud to partner with Sony pictures to bring big-screen entertainment to the small-screen loving gamers.

He further added that one of the reasons behind the re-launch was the amazing response the game received earlier. He hopes the additional features will certainly impart a unique experience to FPS fans while still reflecting the Total Recall image.

Buyers of the DVD version of the movie have more to cheer about as they get to wield yet another cool weapon- the Golden Eye Gun. Apparently, the weapon can only be engaged through a code that is found in the DVD of the Total Recall movie. The Golden Eye allows users to rip right through the bad guys and is supposed to be ultra-powerful.

Depending on the device, one can download Total Recall for just $0.99 (approx Rs. 55) from Google Play or iOS App store.

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