5 Camera Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

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There are lots of myths need to be busted around the world and one among them is the "Camera". If you ever feel frustrated with your current camera, don't be! In fact, you don't need an expensive tool to take the best picture. It's all about the photographer behind it.

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Most of us have the mindset that if we don't own the professional photography tools, then our work will be sub-par.

5 Camera Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

It is also easy to get disheartened and to give up out aspiration, by seeing our very own inspiration with all these tools. Today we have compiled the list of 5 camera myths you should stop believing in!

Nah! Don't ever believe this!

Don't ever fall into this trap! Anyhow, these equipment will make your life easy, but it all boils down to your skill. Before buying a new camera, make sure that you master
your current one. How can I do it ? Instead of spending money on the expensive accessory, invest in education, attend more photoshops or go on a vacation.

Behind the lens matter!

No you don't! Camera technology has come a long way now, where they take very good images, Shoot HD videos, and even allows you to share the photos on the go. Now many smartphones can handle photos and videos in quality far superior than point and shoot few years back.

If you know how to use it!

First is first! There are two types of zooming -- optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical Zoom uses the motor inside the camera lens to adjust the focal points. On the other hand, digital zoom magnifies digitally through the LCD panel. In this case go for optical zoom, while the digital one might distort your image and pixels.

Flash or no flash?

While it true that camera flash destroys's the entire picture, but in some cases the it will be a life saver. However, as a photographer you must know when and how to use it.

Bitter truth!

Nowadays, the device manufacturers are exploiting this on specifications in a way that consumer started believing the easiest way to achieve better photos is to get the device with the highest specs. In fact the "More is always better" is just a selling point. However, Megapixel is just one factor, while the quality of the lens, the technology behind the sensor, the ability to focus quickly, plays major role. 

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