6 Movies You must Watch for their Visual Effects!

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Visual Effects are really an in-thing these days. No movie these days gets released without Special effects. Special effects are giving movies much needed fodder for viewers who find these movies extremely entertaining owing to special effects. Visual effects have evolved a lot ever since they were first effectively used in movies like 'The Matrix'. However, Visual effects will keep coming as film makers develop stories with new visual effects and with new technology. You can watch a selection of these half a dozen movies.

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Today, both Hollywood and Indian film studios take special effects very seriously. Lets check out 5 movies you must watch only for their special effects!. While they have very interesting story lines, you can definitely watch them for their special effects!

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Avatar Still remains on top of the list for its Visual Effects. The Movie had a huge budget for its Visual effects and is primarily created out of visual effects.


The Matrix is one of the first movies to use Visual Effects at the time.


Endhiran / Robot is the Indian Movie starring Rajnikanth. The movie uses special effects to a great extent. It is the first Indian movie to make use of special effects. Also, the movie remains highest grosser and went on to become the butt of Rajnikanth jokes.


Inception is a thriller. The movie makes use of special effects very creatively. Do watch the movie for its special effects.


Released in 2004, the commercially successful movie effectively uses Visual Effects at the time.


This ShahRukh Khan starrer is a Bollywood/Hindi movie that experimented with Special effects following Rajnikanth's Endhiran / Robot



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