Amazon Echo Dot: 10 things about the smart connected speakers

    Amazon's voice-assistance based Echo unit of device has added a new member called the Dot to the family. The company's all new Echo Dot falls under the category of Smart Homes, and is based on Internet of Things that essentially is a string of connections between various gadgets..

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    The Amazon Eco Dot is based on a model of digital-assistance, which allows user to control all their appliances from one central hub. It is a smart home device that links to other devices to make your life simpler. This gadget will capture the interest of gadget lovers who want to make their lives smoother with smart gadgets.

    If the Eco Dot gadget still sounds like a jargon to you, here we decode it by highlighting 10 things about you need to know about it. Take a look:


    Amazon Echo Dot is a short, cylindrical gadget that comes with a blue ring running around the top. The ring is essentially meant to show that the voice-assistant service Alexa is working to provide assistance when you need it. The gadget is portable and looks tiny but can handle bigger tasks with ease, just like its bigger sibling Echo.


    It is a hands-free smart speaker that can be controlled using voice-commands. Essentially, this is a small speaker that can be used independently or by connecting it to external audio system or speakers to play music.


    It uses the company's far-field voice recognition which means that no matter which part of the house you are in, it will take your voice command and play music using the built-in speaker or by connecting to your own speakers.


    The device can be used to control smart devices around home. All you have to do is connect them device with the Amazon Echo Dot.


    You can use Echo Dot not only to play music, but also to get information related to news, sports scores, weather, or book a cab, or order a pizza! You can use it as your wake-up alarm or for reading out recipes while you cook in the kitchen.


    The device uses Amazon's Alexa voice recognition technology that answer to the questions you ask, and perform according to your commands. Simply ask it to book a cab for using a service running on a connected device, and it will do that for you!


    The Echo Dot has been created to get connected with other devices via Bluetooth or wired connection. It comes with an audio cable for easy connection.


    This device let you play music from online music streaming services, including iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and others. Simply connect it with your proffered speakers and command it to play music using online music streaming services.


    The Amazon Echo Dot is priced at $89, which is not cheap considering that it essentially is a speaker with smart, connectivity features. But, this device is comparatively cheaper than the original Echo system that is priced at $179.


    It is not easy to buy this gadget. The Echo Dot is available for sale only to those who have bought Echo Speaker or Amazon Fire TV. Sadly, the gadget is not available on, so you will have to order it using the Alexa service on Echo Speaker by saying, "Alexa, order Echo Dot." The assistant will then automatically connect you through the device you want to use to buy it, and navigate you to the ordering page.


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