Samsung Ultra-Premium 2020 QLED 8K TV: Exhilarating Cinematic Experience Brought To Your Doorsteps

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Being ahead of its competition is nothing new to Samsung and this doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. The company has reached unparalleled heights with its display technology, be it smartphones, tablets, or televisions. While many of its contemporaries are yet to break the enigma of bringing a lifelike cinematic experience to its consumers, Samsung has embraced the 8K technology with grace. Leveraging its unmatched QLED 8K panels with a punch of AI, Samsung has brought sleek and compact 8K TVs to our doorsteps.

Samsung Ultra-Premium 2020 QLED 8K TV Offers Exhilarating Features

Samsung being the pioneer of 8K technology has taken another major leap in the TV industry with the advent of an exciting new portfolio of 2020 QLED 8K televisions in India. The company has introduced the state-of-the-art 2020 QLED 8K TV range that brings forth the industry's first TVs with Real 8K Resolution. It is the highest resolution that a TV can offer as the panels comprise a total of approximately 33 million pixels. That's a lot of pixels, even on a big screen. The viewing experience that this TV can provide would be something you've never experienced before.

Driven by the Quantum Processor 8K, the new range of Smart TVs flaunts the finest 8K QLED panels and brings industry-leading features like Object Tracking Sound+, Active Voice Amplifier, 8K Resolution & 8K AI Upscaling, 8K processor and so on, for a cinematic picture and audio experience. Let's understand how Samsung disrupted the way of entertainment with new picture and sound technologies.

Samsung Ultra-Premium 2020 QLED 8K TV Offers Exhilarating Features

8K AI Upscaling: Stream All Types of Content In 8K

The jaw-dropping 8K AI Upscaling feature on the QLED 8K TVs can stream 8K content from any source by applying '8K AI Upscaling'. Isn't that great? The sophisticated technology analyzes each scene of the content being streamed for colors, texture, and contrast details to optimize picture quality and enhance it to a stunning 8K level.

So no worries if you are short on 8K content, Samsung has got your back. Each frame on the QLED 8K TV is four times the resolution of 4K panels thus creating a surreal viewing experience in your living room.

Samsung Ultra-Premium 2020 QLED 8K TV Offers Exhilarating Features

Object Tracking Sound+ & Active Voice Amplifier for Class-Leading Surround Sound Experience

Ever imagined how theatres fuse moving images with audio to offer a lifelike experience? Well, Samsung has recreated that same effect but on a TV. Leveraging OTS+, the TVs' built-in speakers produce audio dynamically that follows the object's movement around the screen, making the experience very close to reality. This three-dimensional sound arrangement creates the most realistic viewing experience while watching your favorite action and sci-fi movies.

We often find ourselves at places where adjusting the volume becomes a hassle. That's where Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) steps in, making the new TV range intelligent enough to modify audio delivery by auto-sensing the surrounding noises. The AVA identifies the ambient noise in real-time to automatically boost the volume when required. It also adds clarity to voices or dialogue coming from the TV, so that you don't miss out on the smallest of details in sound while watching content. The AVA makes use of the TVs' six-speaker set up to create a clear and wide sonic presentation.

Samsung Ultra-Premium 2020 QLED 8K TV Offers Exhilarating Features

Exquisite Design For A Seamless Viewing Experience

Samsung has managed to pull off the most aesthetically-pleasing design with the new generation QLED 8K TVs. The bezels surrounding the screen are practically eliminated creating an unbelievable screen-to-body ratio of 99%; the highest screen-to-body-ratio on any premium TV in the market. The TV also leverages the truly innovative Samsung One Invisible Connection eliminating the use of multiple cables. It uses a near-invisible cable to connect your QLED 8K to external devices and even the power source, making the complete setup look neat, sans the bundle of cables. To complement this setup, the TV uses a No Gap Wall Mount that offers a snug fit to the wall and blending the TV naturally into the room's design.

How would you like it if the TV in your living room also added great value to the overall aesthetics of your space? The new range of QLED 8K TVs beautifully blends technology with art. Samsung has designed the QLED 8K TVs with extreme levels of immersion and realism. The truly borderless design merges into the surroundings with the Ambient Mode+ which showcases abstract patterns, backgrounds, paintings, and your favorite pictures synced from smart devices.

Content Guide, Multiple Voice Assistant Support And Other Smart Features

The new range of QLED 8K TVs doesn't miss out on any chance to impress its users. They even pack the all-new Content Guide that brings all your favorite content together in one place, in a clutter-free and easy-to-use interface. The 'Content Guide' is a great feature as it gives easy access to their favorite content.

Samsung Ultra-Premium 2020 QLED 8K TV Offers Exhilarating Features

The QLED 8K TVs also bring a suite of amazing smart features like Multi-View, Multiple Voice Assistant Support, Personal Computer Mode, Music System, and so on. With Personal Computer Mode, you can choose to work on presentations, word documents, and excel sheets from the cloud, mirror your laptop for a big-screen convenience, and remotely access your office computer. The Multi-View feature allows you to split your TV screen into two parts to watch two different content simultaneously with the freedom to control sound output for both the inputs at the same time-one thru TV sound and the other via Bluetooth enabled headset.

And last but not the least, the new range of QLED 8K Smart TVs also offers support for multiple voice assistants. Streaming content, controlling the TV, setting reminders, or seeking answers to your queries has also been taken care of. You can summon Samsung Bixby and Amazon Alexa to take care of these tasks simply using voice commands.

Price, Availability And Offers

Samsung's new range of QLED 8K TVs comes with 2 variants - Q950T & Q800T in 85", 82", 75" and 65". The 65-inch (1m 63cm) model is priced at Rs. 4.69 lakhs. The 75-inch (1m 89cm) variant costs Rs. 9.49 lakhs and you have to spend Rs. 13.49 lakhs for the 82-inch (2m 07 cm) version. The giant 85-inch (2m 16cm) version is available at Rs. 15 lakhs. Samsung has also launched the 2020 QLED 4K TV line-up. The line-up includes Smart TVs with 43-inch (1m 08cm) to 75 -inch (1m 89cm) screen sizes.

It's the best time to purchase as Samsung is offering a cashback of Rs. 15,000 on the purchase of the new QLED 8K TVs. Samsung is also offering one month free trial and 20% discount on subscriptions of OTT platform ZEE5. Buyers will also get a free subscription for Gaana Plus for one-year and Apple Music for three months for a more premium user-experience. Consumers buying QLED 8K TVs will get a one-year comprehensive warranty and one-year additional warranty on the panel.

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