TCL X4 QLED TV: Sets a benchmark in the smart-television segment with these class leading features

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TCL has set a new benchmark in the premium smart-television segment by launching the TCL X4 QLED TV with 65-inch UHD display, the first QLED television from the company with superior imaging and audio capabilities. At the price of Rs 1,09,990, the smart QLED television offers a unique yet premium set of features that no other smart-television offers at this price point.


With the TCL X4 QLED TV, the company directly compete against the other premium smart LED television makers, which usually more compared to the TCL's offering. Here are the top five features of the TCL X4 QLED TV, which sets apart from the competition.

Picture Quality

TCL X4 QLED TV: Sets a new benchmark in smart-tv segment

The TCL X4 QLED TV comes with a 3840 x 2160px resolution Quantum Dot (QLED) display, which uses smaller semiconductors compared to the standard IPS LCD panel with HDR 800 capability, enabling wide color gamut with deep blacks and vivid colors.

Local dimming is again a feature that goes missing on the smart-televisions. Local dimming precisely controls the brightness at the pixel level to offer deeper blacks and vibrant colors, which will again enhance the picture quality. If you watch a lot of high-resolution movies on Bluerays and Netflix, local dimming will improve the overall image quality by a great extent, which will make a scene more dramatic and cinematic.

MEMC 120Hz is a TCL proprietary software algorithm, which will enhance the overall multimedia consuming experience by replicating a frame on the TCL X4 QLED TV. Ex: if you are playing content with 60fps refresh rate, then the MEMC will smart-duplicate every frame, which makes it a 120fps content to offer smoother playback. MEMC will also improve the overall gaming experience using a console or a PC.

Sound Quality

TCL X4 QLED TV: Sets a new benchmark in smart-tv segment

The TCL X4 QLED TV is a beast when it comes to audio capabilities. The smart-televison from TCL is equipped with six speakers offering a whopping 40W sound output offering an unparalleled cinematic experience.


The company uses high-quality speakers from Harmon/Kardon specially tuned for the TCL X4 QLED TV with great clarity even at high volume levels. What makes it even more exciting about the audio capabilities of the tv is the fact that the television does support Dolby Digital and DTS Premium.

With Dolby Digital, the tv can reproduce every small detail in sound by adding a new dimension to the movie watching experience.

Android TV

TCL X4 QLED TV: Sets a new benchmark in smart-tv segment

Most of the smart-television claims to offer Android OS, whereas the TCL X4 QLED TV offers Google-certified Android TV OS based on Android 8 Oreo OS. Having Google-certified Android TV OS will help to access true 4K and HDR content on premium streaming services like Netflix and Amazon without any compromise. The Google Play Store does offer a wide selection of apps and games, tailor-made for big screens.

The latest TV OS from Google is coupled with a 64-bit Quad-core chipset with 2.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. With this amount of raw power, users can install as many apps and games without worrying about the storage. The powerful Quad-core chipset will also enable lag-free gaming as well.


TCL X4 QLED TV: Sets a new benchmark in smart-tv segment

The TCL X4 QLED TV has a premium bezel-less design with 7.9mm thickness, which stands out in the crowd. The tv is as thin as a coin, which makes it ideal for wall-mount or even placing on a tablet. The full metallic frame design does offer structural rigidity and makes it look premium.

The TCL X4 QLED TV comes with an U-shaped stand, which makes sure that the television will not wobble when placed on a flat surface, which also happens to offer a premium look that the television deserves.

The front-facing 40W Harmon/Kardon speakers serve two purposes. As they are the front-facing speaker, the tv does offer direct sound to the user, and the Harmon/Kardon logo does increase the aesthetics of the TCL X4 QLED TV.

I/O and Overall Review

TCL X4 QLED TV: Sets a new benchmark in smart-tv segment

The TCL X4 QLED TV also has a wide selection of I/O (ports) with triple HDMI port and dual USB-A port. Users can connect their setup box, gaming console, and PC to the television at the same time.

Having dual USB-A ports will also enable to use accessories like keyboard, mouse, or even a storage device to access multimedia content whenever they want.

Overall, the TCL X4 QLED TV checks all the boxes with a premium high-qaulity HDR enabled display, 40W Harmon/Kardon speakers, Google-certified Android TV OS and a lot more. If you are in the market for a smart-television, then the TCL X4 QLED TV seems like a great offering.

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