11 Coolest & Smart Home Gadgets Which Can Be Controlled by Your Smartphone!

    Well, we all know how technology has invaded our lives and made a great impact on us. Now this invasion can be either good or bad but some of these gadgets for the home that be controlled by your smartphone definitely prove to facilitate us. So here are some of the 11 gadgets for home use that can be controlled by your smartphone.


    PintoFeed is an innovative pet product that actually helps you feed your pet through an app. The app first gathers all the information about your pet's eating schedule and then it will create its own dispending food pattern. So now even when you are out in office or on a holiday, you can just press a button on the app and PintoFeed will automatically dispend the food for your pet.



    Wemo Light Switch from Belkin lets you control your home lights from anywhere through a Wi-Fi network. You just have to replace your current light fitting with the Wemo Light Switch and download the app. Now the app lets you create a schedule that will make the lights automatically turn on & off at a certain hours in the day & night.



    No need to worry about going into your baby's room every few minutes especially at night to see that everything is okay. Here comes the Baby Monitor, it can stream the audio of your baby up to six devices and also sends you a notification through text or email for every time the baby cries. How cool it that!



    Now this thing lets you control not just lights but all the electronic devices at your home. Just connect it to an outlet and then plug-in any of your device in the switch that you want to control. You can add more such switches to control more number of devices.



    Lockitron lets you remotely lock & unlock your door using just your smartphone. It can be easily fixed onto your existing lock and it even lets you make a cool keyless entry in the home, as it can detect you coming through Bluetooth. It also has a knock sensor that sends you a notification, so you know when someone is at the door.

    An alternative to this is the August Smart lock that works on pretty much the same principles.



    Tile is nothing but a small keychain kind a thing that is actually a tracking device that can be attached to any of your precious belonging. So if you are the kind of person who keeps forgetting their stuff or misplaces them often, then this product is for you.



    With this doorbell, you can actually see and talk to the person standing at your doorsteps from anywhere through your smartphone. It has a camera that transmits live audio and video to your phone through an app so that even when you are not at home, you can still answer your door.



    Now turning the lights just ON & OFF was not enough, so Philips thought of bringing some colours into the play. With Hue, you can even change the colour of the lights according to your mood. The wireless LED bulbs are controlled by the central command station called the Hue Bridge.



    You don't need to go visit a doctor just to measure your blood pressure because now you can do that by yourself. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor helps you monitor your blood pressure through your smartphone.



    This device is pretty much like the Tile but just one step ahead. It's basically design for toddlers, that's why the name Tod and you can also use it to keep track of your car. So now anytime when your child or car make an unscheduled departure or go far off then the device sends you a notification through text or email.



    The Viper SmartStart lets you unlock the car, honk and even release the trunk but that's not its USP. Its best part is the feature that lets you know that your car is safe and ready to go.

    So whether you are at home or not, you can still control pretty much everything that is happening in your house. That's the power of technology!



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