5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV Series Now

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Samsung's latest Crystal 4K UHD TV line-up sets new performance benchmark, thanks to their striking features. The new smart TVs are designed by keeping in mind the ever-increasing consumption of high-quality multimedia content. Samsung being the leader in display manufacturing, the new smart TVs incorporate the best-in-class 4K UHD panels backed by cutting-edge technologies. The TV viewing experience is further enhanced by elegant and minimal design, powerful hardware, and an immersive sound setup.

5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV Series Now

If you are planning to buy a new smart TV, the Crystal 4K Smart TVs by Samsung make for an excellent buy. Here are five reasons that make us recommend the new Samsung TVs to hardcore movie buffs for a truly cinematic viewing experience.

5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV Series Now

⦁ True 4K UHD Display

Samsung has an unprecedented reputation when it comes to displays. No other brand even comes close to matching the immersive picture quality, color reproduction, and vividness of Samsung's OLED and QLED panels. True to its commitment to providing an unmatched picture quality, Samsung has offered a true 4K UHD panel on the Crystal 4K Smart TV line-up. With 4X more pixels than a regular FHD TV, the new TV series is a visual masterpiece with best-in-class sharpness and clarity. Whether you are streaming high-quality content on OTT platforms or using a USB drive to watch 4K video files from your collection, the Crystal 4K Smart TV ensures a cinematic viewing experience at the comfort of your living room.

Importantly, it's not just the 4K content that looks breathless, even the regular 1080p videos come alive on the new TV series, thanks to the proprietary Crystal Processor 4K processor. The powerful chipset optimizes a high-contrast ratio, improves color accuracy in every scene, and automatically scales up the 1080p content to 4K resolution for a truly immersive viewing experience.

5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV Series Now

⦁ Unmatched Cinematic Viewing Experience

The new Crystal 4K UHD TV series takes display performance a notch higher with its 'Dual LED backlighting technology'. The new technology dynamically adjusts the on-screen colors to deliver the right color tone for every scene. This allows you to watch the content the way it was shot and meant to be seen on a big-screen TV. The surreal viewing experience is something only a brand like Samsung can create on a big-screen TV.


Moving on, the Crystal 4K TV line-up features advanced PurColor and 16-bit 3D Color Mapping technology that creates the most life-like visual experience by nailing the color science, brightness, and contrast ratio. The fine adjustments in the picture quality take you closer to the content you are streaming to make you a part of the content you're watching. The viewing experience is further enhanced by Samsung's HDR technology that improves the display's brightness and color spectrum to enjoy even the most complex visual scenes.

⦁ Motion Xcelerator and PC on TV mode

Samsung hasn't left any stones unturned when it comes to picture quality on the new 4K UHD TVs. The Crystal 4K UHD series also features 'Motion Xcelerator' technology, which enhances motion clarity for smooth and crisp details. The technology reduces unwanted picture shake by inserting black frames and by switching off the 4K panel's backlight for a few milliseconds. This might sound simple but requires sophisticated processing and frame-light adjustments. Thankfully, Samsung's years-long expertise in manufacturing big panels guarantees us an unmatched TV viewing experience.

5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV Series Now

⦁ Ultra Sleek Bezel-Less AirSlim Design

The visually stunning 4k UHD panel is complemented by a sleek, elegant, and minimalistic 3-side bezel-less frame. Samsung calls it AirSlim Design as it elegantly blends with surroundings and adds a visual flair to your rooms' decors. The top-class material quality and attention to details further enhance the look of the 4K TV. You can mount the TV on the wall or simply keep it on a cabinet with the help of the bundled table-top stand. The TV also has Samsung's well-acclaimed 'Ambient Mode' that transforms the big panel into a live painting. You can project your photos and wallpapers wirelessly on the TV to use the 4K panel as a live art thus giving your home a modern touch of technology and art.

5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV Series Now

⦁ Sound Quality

A good TV viewing experience is incomplete without great audio. Samsung's new Crystal 4K UHD TVs come equipped with 'Adaptive Sound' technology that creates the perfect sound delivery for a truly cinematic viewing experience. The adaptive sound technology optimizes the TV's audio according to your surroundings and the content being streamed. Dialogues sound clear, bass delivery is excellent and the TV produces just the right amount of treble to create crisp and clear audio delivery.

Further, the Crystal 4K UHD TVs also feature Q-Symphony technology that facilitates simultaneous sound delivery with Soundbars for a theatrical surrounding effect to ace the sound delivery.

In the nutshell, Samsung's new Smart TVs transform your TV-viewing experience in these difficult times when it isn't safe to watch your favorite movies in theatres. With the new Crystal 4K UHD TVs by Samsung, you can now enjoy all your favorite shows and movies in the true cinematic format in the comfort of your living room.

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