Apple May Bring Newly Released Movies Early on iTunes

Apple wants to bring the movie theater into your living room with rentals of newly released movies.

    Is it time to stock up popcorn and beverages in your house?

    Well, it might be because Apple Inc. the multinational technology company is now in talks with several Hollywood studios for rights that would allow the company to get an early access to movies. As such, Apple wants to bring new movies to iTunes.

    Apple May Bring Newly Released Movies Early on iTunes

    According to Bloomberg, major players in the Hollywood such as 21st Century Fox Inc., Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros., and Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures have already confirmed that they were looking to offer high-priced, home-video rentals of new movies shortly after they open in theaters.

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    While Apple has been pressing from one end for a long time, some studio executives have been pushing to allow home rentals as early as two weeks after theatrical debuts and if it happens they may consider a deal with iTunes as one option.

    iTunes Role

    Interestingly, if such an arrangement is made, then iTunes could stand out in a crowded online market for movies, TV shows, and music. Moreover, iTunes store has helped Apple build a dominant role in music retailing and the company now looks to carve out a similar role in the music and video streaming arena.

    Will it be Secure?

    On the contrary, with all the debates and discussions that are happening, one of the concerns about iTunes is whether it will be a secure platform for delivering movies that are still in theaters.

    While Apple encrypts iTunes video files so they can't be easily duplicated, it's possible to use a camera to record a movie playing on the TV screen. Any leak of the picture that's still in theaters would jeopardize returns for the studios and cinema owners.

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    Expect to Pay More

    As of now, while the situation is still uncertain, the studios could also end up choosing another technology platform instead of Apple to deliver movies more quickly to households.

    However, on the positive side, if such a deal was to take place, chances are viewers at home would have to pay a premium for this type of service since it would take some revenue away from the box office.

    For now, all we know is that the studios allegedly want these rentals to be "high-priced," so you should definitely expect to pay more than usual.

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