[Exclusive] Kodak will launch a new television by the end of 2018 with a signature feature

Kodak smart televisions are available on both online and offline market


We had an opportunity to interact with Mr Avneet Singh, the CEO and Director of SSPL, the brand licensee of Kodak TV India. In an informal discussion, we got to know about some of the fact, features about the smart television portfolio from Kodak.


We did start with some basic questions like why SSPL considered naming their product after Kodak, a brand known for photography to the technical details of the Kodak smart televisions, and why should one go for a Kodak television etc. So, here are the tidbits of the interaction with Mr Avneet Singh.

[Exclusive] Kodak will launch a new television by the end of 2018

Why did you go for the brand name Kodak?

Firstly, for the nostalgia that we associated with the name Kodak. Kodak is the only brand that is existing after 125 years, and Kodak was one of the most recalled brands in the world. SSPL has transformed the brand Kodak from Digital pictures to videos.

How do you plan to capture 7% of the television market by 2020?

The company was started in 2016 as an exclusive online company. In just two years, Kodak smart televisions are available in eight states across the country on both the online and offline market. In fact, a Kodak smart television price remains the same on both the online and offline market. We are one of the few companies to keep similar pricing across the market. There are a couple of exclusive model in both online and offline market.


Are Kodak televisions are manufactured/assembled in India?

SSPL products are manufactured under Make In India initiative. The company has it's own manufacturing line. However, some of the products like glass and LCD, which constitute 70% of the price of the device.

Is Kodak tying up with streaming service providers?

The 4K TV is still not matured in India because of content, so the company has not done any collaboration till date. However, in future (by 2020) the company might consider it.

One exceptional feature on the Kodak smart TV?

Kodak smart television comes with a custom operating system based on AOSP called smart wall, which shows the top trending videos in India, and no other smart tv has this feature. The entire user experience is customised to Indian standard (based on how customers react). Based on the location, the television can showcase tailormade content. Ex: If a user in Bengaluru will get recommendations for the Kannada content.

What about high-end smart televisions?

The company is planning to launch high-end smart television as well with technologies like OLED display etc. The company has noticed a tremendous amount of success in 4K and smart television space.

Which is your prime market?

Karnataka/Bengaluru is the prime market, which has high-sale numbers (especially online). The company is also planning to set up stores in some cities to drive the offline sale.

How is the product response?

Kodak smart televisions have 4-star rating across the range on both Flipkart and Amazon.

How good is the customer support?

Kodak television offers within 12 hours installation. Even some big television brands do not provide service this quickly. The Kodak television comes with the extra protection of glass, which no other brand offers. The company will be launching more exciting products in the coming days with smart features, that has never seen features in the world.

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