LG Inverter Linear Cooling refrigerators set new standards for home appliances

LG GC-B559EVQZ refrigerator has the capacity of 499 Litres and is a ‘Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator’


In a bid to promote healthy eating for a healthy living, LG Electronics recently introduced its frost-free smart refrigerator range in the Indian market. The new smart refrigerator range is engineered to provide convenience, freshness and health benefits, all at the same time. LG's new refrigerators are backed by multi-air functionality feature, which maintains the freshness of food items to promote healthy eating habits for an active lifestyle. LG says the freshness of food items is guaranteed, and Indian families will now achieve the goal of staying healthy and fit.

LG Inverter Linear Cooling refrigerators technology explained

We at Gizbot got a chance to experience the LG's new Linear Top Freezer range in person during a session with the LG's tech team. The aesthetically-made smart refrigerators are available in a variety of models with some never seen before features. We specifically tested the GC-B559EVQZ model which has the capacity of 499 Litres and is a 'Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator'. The refrigerator comes equipped with Inverter Linear Compressor and also has 'Smart Diagnosis'.

Let's find out more about this smart refrigerator.

LG Inverter Linear Cooling refrigerators technology explained

Linear Cooling Technology

At the heart of this smart refrigerator is an 'Inverter Linear Compressor' that ensures 32% energy savings. ILC functions within a temperature range of ±0.5°C, that's almost half the temperature variation as compared to the conventional compressor and is quite useful for maintaining food items with the same kind of freshness as initially when bought or plucked.

The ILC technology also keeps noise to a minimum, technically a drop in noise to 25% as compared to conventional refrigerators of similar capacity. Besides, LG also says that the Linear Cooling feature provides freshness of the food item longer than any other conventional cooling system. This is not a marketing gimmick as the GC-B559EVQZ is actually noise free and is also light on energy consumption.

LG Inverter Linear Cooling refrigerators technology explained

Modern Design with customizable compartments

The new refrigerators are designed to blend in with your in-house ambiance. The GC-B559EVQZ model comes with Premium Gold color and has dimensions of 185 cm x 73 cm x 70.5 cm (H x D x W). The refrigerator's compartments are quite spacious and also modular in nature. You can simply fold the shelves to place tall utensils as per your requirement. I really liked the fact that the GC-B559EVQZ comes with a bottom-placed freezer, which is quite a logical design approach in everyday use for consumers.The Linear Top Freezer has a detachable and moving ice maker in the bottom-placed freezer.


Various functions of the refrigerator like freezer cooling, fridge temperature, door alarm, etc. can be controlled with touch LED display mounted on the external door. Besides, the refrigerators also have LED lighting inside that helps save energy (77% reduction) and are more durable (26.6 times) than conventional lamps. LED lights also emit less heat, which makes these refrigerators quite efficient in controlling the temperature levels.

LG Inverter Linear Cooling refrigerators technology explained

A plethora of features to ensure freshness of the food

The new premium-quality refrigerator range from LG comes with a number of innovative features to maintain freshness and hygiene and also offer greater energy savings. The Linear Top Freezer range has precise temperature control feature, NatureFRESH that allows food items to stay fresh and tasty for longer.

LG G5 Tips & Tricks

The new refrigerators also come equipped with 'Door Cooling' technology that ensures quicker cooling by 1 hour when compared to conventional cooling systems. Besides, the GC-B559EVQZ also comes with 'Multi Air Flow' technology that utilizes multiple cooling air vents to distribute and circulate cool air to every corner of the refrigerator. This ensures equal and optimal cooling to every food item in the refrigerator. Next on the list is 'Moist Balance Crisper', which is basically a special lattice-type box cover to maintain moisture at an optimum level.

Hygiene Fresh+ is also added to allow a strong sterilization and deodorization performance with a 4-stage filtering system. This helps in reduction of fungi spore and harmful bacteria as much as 99.99% and deodorizing the inside of the refrigerator, thereby keeping the air fresh every minute.

LG Inverter Linear Cooling refrigerators technology explained

Smart ThinQ Application

While the GC-B559EVQZ cannot be controlled via smartphone, some variants in the new smart refrigerator range from LG can be operated with the help of LG's Smart ThinQ Application. The free to install app can be used to check and control the refrigerator while you are away from home.

LG's new smart refrigerators come with a 10-year warranty and are certified for a lifespan of 20 years. The GC-B559EVQZ is priced at Rs. Rs. 76,190 on LG's official website but can be bought for approximate Rs. 70,990 from the offline stores.

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