Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

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Humans as intelligent species require a continuous flow of information to thrive. We grasp information through various media that keep evolving with time and the advancement of technology. Among several media of information consumption available today, TVs are arguably one of the most important, with a significant impact on the masses. Once considered an 'Idiot Box,' the TV has evolved into a sophisticated multimedia hub that disseminates information in a much better way to meet the needs of its ever-growing audience.


Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

Smart TVs of today are far more advanced than their older versions, and their functionality goes beyond just streaming video content. They have, in a way, changed the way users consume media in today's digital era.

Today we will talk about modern Smart TVs and their role as a media consumption platform in the modern world. We are taking the latest Samsung Crystal 4K TVs as a reference since the new TV line-up shows the true capabilities of a 21st century Smart TV. But before that, let's understand what a Smart TV is.

Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

What Is A Modern Smart TV?

A smart TV connects to the internet and is capable of running applications like a smartphone does. You can also link a smart TV to various smart and non-smart devices to use it as a multimedia hub. For instance, a smart TV connects to a NAS disk station to wirelessly stream media content stored on a private cloud. A smart TV can also execute actions via voice commands, thanks to the built-in Google Assistant.

Samsung's Smart TVs run on custom OS 'Tizen'. It is Samsung's in-house operating system,which is intuitive and easy to navigate,with a rich ecosystem of apps and services for big-screen TVs. More on Tizen and Samsung's latest 4K TVs later in the article.

Let's find out how smart TVs are redefining content consumption habits in the 21st century.

New Content Types Demand Better Media

Over the years, televisions have become bigger, sleeker and smarter. Gone are the days when big and boxy television sets could only display monochrome stills and grainy videos on lacklustre screens. The TVs of the 21st century can show surreal 4K HDR content with lifelike colours for a truly cinematic viewing experience, provided that you are investing in the right product and consuming the right content.


By 'right content', we mean you are streaming top quality content on popular OTT platforms, which are the new age streaming services for high-end displays. These platforms offer 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content that allows you to make the most out of the latest technology advancements in the smart TV domain.

Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

Samsung Crystal 4K TVs- The New Benchmark For 4K Smart TVs

Since we are talking about high-end displays, the latest 4K TV line-up from the house of Samsung is the perfect example. The new TV series showcases how far televisions have come in the last few decades. The viewers expect nothing less than a cinematic experience in the comfort of their living room, and the new Samsung 4K TVs do that with no compromises.

The Samsung Crystal 4K TV series offers true 4K UHD panels that bring best-in-class sharpness and clarity to the content specially curated for today's audience. The visually stunning 4K panels bring alive high-quality content on OTT platforms and other sources.

Much More Than Just a Video Streaming Device

But as we said, the functionality of a smart TV goes far beyond just streaming high-quality videos. It serves as a multimedia hub and a one-point source for all your digital content requirements. Below are some examples of how Samsung Crystal 4K TVs are a perfect fit for a modern lifestyle in the 21st century.

Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

Fully Functional Workstation

How interesting does it sound to use the big screen in your living room as a full-fledged workstation? Well, only a TVas smart as the Samsung Crystal 4K can serve as an operations hub for professionals. The new TV comes equipped with 'Remote Access' functionality to tap into your office PC to offer full access to stored files.

More importantly, the new TVs also let you work on documents and use various Office 365 tools on the big screen, making things much easier, especially in today's pandemic struck world where most professionals are working from home. You can create presentations, edit spreadsheets and do a lot more from the comfort of your couch.

MultiView forBetter Multitasking

Only a trusted brand like Samsung can introduce a smart TV operating system that offers features like 'Multi View' to let you fully explore the capabilities of a modern smart TV. MultiView splits the TV screen in two, displaying the content you're streaming on one side and mirroring your smartphone screen on the other. The feature ensures you are not missing out on the immersive content even when you need to take a glance at your phone screen. It's an excellent feature for users who are good at multitasking.

Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

Gamers' Delight

A good display makes gaming much more immersive and enjoyable, especially if you own the latest gaming console with the capability of pushing 4K HDR graphics on a big screen. The latest Crystal 4K TVs by Samsung flaunt big 4K displays with 'Dual LED' backlighting technology that adjusts the panel's colours according to the content streamed. Moreover, the TV's 'Game Enhancer' feature further optimises the display performance to offer you more control over the graphics performance for a judder-free gaming performance with no motion blur.

Samsung Crystal 4K Series: A TV Made For Modern Lifestyle

Samsung has also added some useful features to enhance your smart TV experience. The Crystal 4K smart TVs have built-in Airplay 2 to let you stream and share content from your Apple devices on the big screen. Android users can use the standard mirroring feature to enjoy their phone's content on the big display.

Last but not least, the new TV series comes equipped with both Alexa and Bixby voice assistants, which have become an absolute need in today's machine learning era. You can quickly access your favorite TV series, movies and YouTube channels, control various other smart TV features, and even connect smart devices with simple voice commands.

In a nutshell, Samsung has created the smartest and most feature-rich smart TV for millennials to fit their modern lifestyle requirements. If you want a truly smart TV experience in 2021, the Samsung Crystal 4K TV series is the ideal choice.

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