Samsung Goes Green At CES 2021 With New Solar-Charging Eco Remotes For TVs


Samsung's latest initiative at the CES 2021 is to go green. The South Korean tech giant has made a couple of announcements, including the eco-packing initiative and the solar-charging eco-friendly remotes for its latest lineup of smart TVs. Also, the new Samsung remotes will be made of recycled plastic henceforth.

Samsung Goes Green At CES 2021

Samsung's Solar-Powered Remotes

Starting on a green note, Samsung announced several new eco-friendly steps. First on the list is the Eco Remote Controls, which looks just like any other remote at first glance. But on close observation, one can spot the long panel of solar cells that charge on the internal battery. Interestingly, these solar cells can be fueled even via internal light.

Samsung's eco-friendly remote is developed using plastic that's derived mainly from recycled polyethylene terephthalate, the one we find on packaged plastic bottles. That said, the company notes the new remote control would run only for roughly two years before the battery gives out.

Now, this could be a tad bit disappointing, as normal remotes operate up to a decade at times. However, considering the significant reduction of plastic via the remotes, this move could lead to a green tomorrow.

Samsung Packaging Also Goes Green

Apart from the solar-powered remotes, Samsung is also changing how the gigantic TVs would be shipped henceforth. Joining hands with designers, the new Samsung cardboard packages can be upcycled into more handful things. For instance, you could change the box that The Serif shipped into a bookshelf or a rocking horse for kids.

Samsung's Green Initiative: Will It Help

Over the past few years, several companies have been taking the green step. On a recent note, Apple began ditching chargers with the box as a green initiative. Xiaomi and other brands are expected to follow suit, in an attempt to reduce e-waste.


In this scenario, Samsung's solar-powered remote and innovative packing solution comes as a handy answer. While the life span of the remote might be less, it could still be a positive step on the green path.

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