Why Samsung Crystal 4K TVs? Experience The World In A New Way!

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Multimedia consumption has increased exponentially in the last five years in India. Among various factors that contribute to the ever-growing media consumption demands in the country, the affordable data plans with faster internet connectivity are to be credited the most. Also, the democratization of smartphones and Smart TVs has catapulted the demand for high-quality content. Since smartphones and smart TVs prices are among the lowest in the country, more and more buyers are investing in consumer technology products to enjoy the content on OTT platforms and other sources.


Why Samsung Crystal 4K TVs? Experience The World In A New Way!

If you are a movie buff and enjoy watching high-quality content on a big screen, a 4K TV is a must-have product in today's digital era. Today we will explain how a good 4K Smart TV can forever change your TV-Viewing experience. Let's get started.

Why Samsung Crystal 4K TVs? Experience The World In A New Way!

What Is A 4K Resolution Panel?

4K resolution, often known as UHD (Ultra-High Definition), has 4X pixels of a regular 1080p screen. A true 4K panel has 3840 x 2160 pixels (4000 pixels horizontally and over 2000 pixels vertically), which is a much higher level of concentration much higher when compared to a standard 1080p panel. To further elaborate, a 1080p panel has around two million pixels, whereas a 4K TV offers 8 million pixels. The higher the pixel count, the better the clarity and details.

Most smartphones (Mid-range and even some premium ones, including some latest iPhones) and budget Smart TVs flaunt 1080p displays. Since the 1080p panels fail to match the higher pixel concentration, they lack clarity and sharpness. Content can appear soft, and the loss of details directly affects the overall picture quality, especially while streaming high-quality content.
Now, when we talk about the cinematic viewing experience, it's more than just the resolution and the pixel count. Let's dive in a bit deeper to understand how 4K resolution enhances your TV viewing experience.

4K Resolution Can Accommodate Bigger Screens

Since 4K resolution has a much higher individual pixel count, it offers the panel manufacturers the flexibility to create larger panels. The bigger panel size delivers an immersive viewing experience. A 4K panel starts from 42-inches upwards in size to offer a truly cinematic viewing experience, something a regular 1080p display cannot provide. That said, if you want a theatre-like TV-viewing experience in the comfort of your living room, you must invest in a larger 4K panel.


Why Samsung Crystal 4K TVs? Experience The World In A New Way!

4K Resolution Also Translates To Better Colour Reproduction

Those extra pixels also ensure better colours. Each frame on a 4K TV looks more vibrant and has better overall contrast. Also, a 4K TV panel aces shadows and naturally offers better HDR performance, which has become a standard for better and high-quality content in today's era. That said, vivid colours, better contrast, and good HDR delivery translate to life-like colours and better visuals, thus enhancing your TV-viewing experience multifold.

Why Samsung Crystal 4K TVs? Experience The World In A New Way!

Choose Wisely For a Cinematic Viewing Experience

While the market offers a myriad of 4K TVs at all price points, it mainly comes down to panel quality for a true 4K TV viewing experience. The latest Crystal 4K TV series by Samsung has our attention with its features, design and performance. The new TV line-up is backed by cutting-edge technologies and offers true 4K panels for unmatched picture/video quality. Here's why you should consider buying the new Samsung Crystal 4K TVs.

Why Samsung Crystal 4K TVs? Experience The World In A New Way!

Truly Cinematic Picture & Audio Quality

Samsung being a leader in display technology, created true 4K panels for the Crystal TV series, offering unmatched colour reproduction and best-in-class contrast ratio. These panels feature 'Dual LED backlighting' technology that dynamically adjusts the on-screen colours to deliver the most realistic colour tones. It allows you to enjoy your favourite movies and series in their truest form, exactly how the creators have shot them in the first place.

Additionally, the Crystal 4K TV line-up features advanced PurColor and 16-bit 3D Colour Mapping technology to deliver billions of colours on the 4K panels. The unmatched colour reproduction creates the most life-like visual experience, further enhanced by Samsung's HDR technology. You will find it difficult to take your eyes off the 4K TVs while streaming content on OTT platforms and via external drives.

Samsung has also equipped the new 4K TV line-up with 'Adaptive Sound' and 'Q-Symphony' technology. The cinematic picture quality combined with theatre-like audio delivery truly transforms your TV viewing experience.

Elegant AirSlim Design & Smooth Performance

The vibrant 4K panels are a part of an elegant frame design that adds a visual makeover to your room decors. Based on the new AirSlim design platform, these new 4K TVs effortlessly blend in their surroundings while attracting all eyeballs.

As far as performance is concerned, Samsung's in-house Crystal 4K processor is a game-changing SoC that delivers on every front. It improves the panel's colour accuracy, effectively scales up the 1080p content to 4K resolution, and optimizes a high-contrast ratio to offer a truly immersive viewing experience.

Overall, Samsung's latest Crystal 4K Smart TVs are a perfect blend of art and technology. These 4K TVs make sense for users who don't want to compromise on quality and performance.

The innovative and feature-packed 4K Smart TVs will be available on Samsung e-store, Amazon.in and Flipkart.com starting at just Rs. 37,990.

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