WK Life SP 500 and ST 650 Bluetooth speakers Review: Innovative design and decent audio

WK Life SP 500 and ST 650 Bluetooth speakers are priced at Rs. 5,699 and Rs. 7,200 respectively in India.


Portable wireless Bluetooth speakers have gradually become quite popular in the Indian market. They come in a variety of shape and sizes and can be used to stream music wirelessly on-the-go. Several brands are selling Bluetooth speaker in India in different price segments with prices starting as low as Rs. 500.

The most recent brand to enter the Indian market is WK Life, a multinational conglomerate from Hong Kong. The company has recently unveiled a range of Bluetooth speakers in India and has also opened an exclusive store at DLF Mall of India, Noida.



WK Life SP 500 and ST 650 Bluetooth speakers Review

WK Life sent us two Bluetooth speakers to evaluate the features and audio delivery. Priced at Rs. 5,699 and Rs. 7,200 respectively, SP 500 and ST 650 Bluetooth speakers instantly managed to grab our attention because of their innovative design. Let's find out more about the new speakers in the following review.

Design: Innovative and Functional

I have seen and tested a variety of portable Bluetooth enabled speakers in the last few years; however, the audio products from WK Life clearly stand out among the crowd. Both the speakers (SP 500 and ST 650) follow a unique design approach and will please users who have a taste for uniquely designed electronic products.



WK Life SP 500

WK Life SP 500

WK Life SP 500 comes in a Ball-shaped design. Interestingly, the speaker can be split into two hemispheres to create a 3D-stereo surround sound experience. As the individual units are joined with the help of magnets, you can also stick them on a metal surface while the audio is being streamed wirelessly. The clever design is quite functional and creates a 3D surround audio delivery. As far as build quality is concerned, the speaker is made out of high-quality material and feels quite solid in hands. The robust build quality also helps the speaker to eliminate vibrations at the loudest of bass levels. We got the Black color variant and the speaker is also available in Grey and Red variants.

WK Life ST 650

The ST 650 follows a different design approach. Unlike the SP 600, the ST 650 is more of a lifestyle-oriented audio product. The design team has added a vintage touch to the speaker by giving it a wooden texture on the disc-shaped audio unit. The base unit and mesh cap are made out of aluminum and strongly holds the speaker. Available in light and dark wood combination, ST 650 looks quite elegant and can add a retro touch to your room.

Audio Performance

Coming onto the most important aspect, the speakers deliver clear audio output and have a different approach towards handling mids and highs in an audio track. The ST 650 is better at handling bass-heavy audio files; however, the audio produced is not room-filling. The audio produced is one directional, not very loud and is only good for a small room. In comparison, Ultimate Ear's Wonderboom speaker delivers far better audio delivery at similar price-point. But it is more of a rugged speaker and follows a different design approach. The ST 650 is a stylish art piece and is meant to stream music at home or in office.

The SP 500 is slightly better at delivering rich audio experience due to its clever design. I streamed the audio of an action flick on the speaker by splitting it into two hemispheres and it did really well. The speaker produced 3D-stereo surround sound experience which is only possible if you have separate units placed on two different spots or the speaker has 360-degree audio delivery. Most of the Bluetooth speakers priced in this segment throw one-directional audio and thus fails to provide a stereo surround audio experience. The split-Ball shaped design really works in favor of SP 500.


Battery life

The SP 500 takes around 90 minutes to fully recharge and delivers up to 4 hours of audio playback. I was able to stream music wirelessly for straight 3 hrs 25 minutes. When used with Aux cable, the speaker's 600mAh battery can last a bit longer. As far as the ST 650 is concerned, the speaker can last really long on one full charge. The dome-shaped speaker unit is backed by a beefier 2,000 mAh battery unit which lasted for a good 7 hours on one charge when music was played wirelessly. The battery cell is also very efficient at retaining power and can last for over a week if you stream music for not more than an hour every day.


WK Life has impressed us with the first installment of the company's audio products. The SP 500 and ST 650 Bluetooth speakers follow a unique design approach and deliver good audio. The SP 500 is priced lower and comes out as a better sounding speaker due to its clever split-ball design. The SP 650 is a design masterpiece, handles vocals and bass quite well and the battery lasts really long. It's just not loud enough to fill a big room and is not meant to be an on-the-go portable speaker. If you are a travel junkie, you must consider Ultimate Ears' speaker line-up.

Besides, we haven't got a chance to check out other electronic products from the brand. As mentioned by WK Life, the company's new store at DLF Mall of India, Noida, offers a complete range of uniquely designed lifestyle electronic gadgets and accessories with multiple attributes. If you want to explore the product lineup, you can visit the store anytime.


Image Source: WK Life

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