Yeelight Smart Lights Review: Intelligent lights to make your home smart

    Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is priced at Rs. 3,599. and the Yeelight Ambience Lamp costs Rs. 4,490.


    Xiaomi as a smartphone brand needs no introduction in the Indian market. The company's budget and mid-range smartphones are easily the most popular and well-received mobile devices in the price conscious market. After strengthening its position as a top smartphone maker in the affordable price segment, the company is now expanding its reach to other important and growing segments like Air-purifiers, Smart TVs, Smart Lights, etc.


    Yeelight Smart Lights Review



    Yeelight Aurora light Strip Plus: Rs. 3,599

    Yeelight Candela Ambience Lamp: Rs. 4,490

    Yeelight, a Xiaomi-backed Chinese company recently debuted in India with a range of smart lighting products such as smart bulb, smart lamps and LED strips. As the company works actively with Amazon, Google and Microsoft team to bring the best lighting experience for the users, we wanted to test the Yeelight's products to understand what the brand has to offer to Indian users. The team shared the recently launched Yeelight Aurora lightstrip Plus and Candela Smart LED lamp with us. Both the products are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via an app. If you were planning to invest in smart lighting for your home or office, read out our review first.

    Yeelight Aurora Strip Plus specs and features

    The Yeelight Aurora Strip Plus is basically a smarter variant of regular LED light strips that are easily available in the market. It is an extendable programmable light strip of 10 meters with 16 million colours that connects to your home Wi-Fi network to let you control them from your phone, or even from a remote place.

    You can change the colour shade of the light bulbs with the single-button mount attached on the strip. What's interesting here is the AI capability which allows you to control the light with smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Moreover, you also get music sync feature with the light strip to create a party mood at your home.

    How to setup the Light Strip

    Setting up the light strip is a no hassle job. The power cable attached with the strip is pretty long and comes with a standard charging adaptor. The light strip itself is flexible and is coated with an adhesive at the back. I took help of binder wall clips as the adhesive at the back of the strip did not work quite well at the corners where the strip was bent at 90 degrees on the wall. If you are sticking it on a metallic surface, it will hold the strip firmly.

    The strip is also IP-65 certified making it waterproof. Once you have setup the light strip, press the one-key button attached at the power cable to on/off the lights. A long press on the button changes the light colours.

    Yeelight app and features

    If you want to make the most out of Yeelight Light strip plus, install the Yeelight app from Google Play Store. Log in with your Mi account and thereafter you can control the light strip colours, pattern, and a lot more. The home screen offers some predefined light profiles like Sunrise, Sunset, Night mode, birthday party, movie night, etc. Each profile enables a different Light shade and light intensity as per the occasion. The app also allows you to set color patterns, sync the light with music playing in the room which is a pretty sight. You can also control the light bulb's flow speed, the intensity of lights and can even set schedules to switch on/off light (with different profiles) as per your requirement. The Yeelight Strip can also be paired with Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart speakers to be controlled via voice commands.

    Yeelight Candela Ambient Light lamp

    The second product that we got for review from the Yeelight portfolio is the Candela Ambient Light lamp. The rechargeable ambiance light lamp basically mimics a candle and emits bright orange light. Like the Yeelight light strip, the lamp can also be controlled via smartphones and remotely. Let's find out more about it.

    Candela Ambient Lamp design and features

    The ambient light lamp looks quite elegant. The LED bulb is placed inside a cylindrical glass chamber that sits on a copper alloys-bass. The glass tube can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise to control the intensity of the bulb. The design is quite minimal and the material used in constructing the lamp is top class. It is one-of-the best looking table lamp I have come across in a while. The bottom of the lamp houses the on/off and Bluetooth switch and the microUSB charging port. The placement of the charging port is a bit problematic as it's slightly difficult to plug in the charging cable.

    Makes for a very good bedside lamp

    The glass enclosure of Candela holds a 1600K color temperature LED bulb, which is basically the same color temperature of candlelight. The light emitted by the bulb is of a fixed color temperature of 1800K and creates a pleasant ambiance that makes it a brilliant bedside lamp. It would have been a great add-on if the lamp's color hue could be changed just like the light strip.

    The portable lamp is backed by a built-in 2100mAh battery unit that can last up to max 6 hours on a single charge, which is pretty good for a bedside lamp or to enjoy a candlelight dinner.

    Control via Yeelight app and link to other similar lamps

    The Candela Ambient lamp can also be controlled via Yeelight smartphone app. You can change light profiles, which basically alters the light intensity of the bulb. Unlike the Light strip, the lamp cannot be controlled via Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which is a letdown. However, the lamp comes equipped with Bluetooth mesh tech that allows you to set up several lamps to light up together.

    But the feature will only come handy if you have more than one lamp at your place. The mesh tech feature also lets you control the lighting of the entire setup by simply changing the setting on one unit.


    Yeelight Aurora light strip and the Candela Ambient light lamp are interesting products and can give your home a smart makeover. The light strip can be conveniently placed behind a LED TV mounted on a wall or any place of your choice to create interesting smart light setups. The fact that you can control the light strip via smartphone and a smart speaker makes it more accessible in a smart home environment. As far as Yeelight Candela Ambient lamp is concerned, it makes for a good bedside lamp but its high price does not go in sync with the limited set of features it offers as a smart light product. As the Yeelight operates under Xiaomi, a company known for its feature-packed affordable products, it needs to revise its pricing strategy if it wants to sell in big numbers. You can purchase Yeelight Smart lighting products on, and offline stores.


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