10 Things to do with your new Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

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    Samsung is the leading player in Android smartphone space. The company has many innovative products in its portfolio, with the ‘Note' series being its top of the line and most premium smartphone. The company has now expanded the series by adding the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the family.

    The new Note 5 boasts Galaxy S6-like glass and metal design with a new S-Pen, and is more powerful, not only in terms of hardware but software as well. The low-points of the phone have been lack of microSD card and removable battery support. However, the highlights of Galaxy Note 5 includes a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display giving way to 518ppi, and the phone is powered by Exynos 7420 octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM.

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    Further, it features a 16-megapixel rear camera with OIS technology and f/1.9 aperture and a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter with f/1.9. The phone, in addition, gets live Broadcasting feature. The phone runs Android Lollipop, with support for software updates. It also features the fingerprint scanner that was launched with the Galaxy S5.

    The Galaxy Note 5 is now available in India for price starting at Rs. 53,900. If you are planning to buy the smartphone, or have already bought it, here are 10 things to do with your new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to make the best use of it!

    Step 1

    To begin with, when you are setting up the phone, we suggest you to create a Samsung account. Making a Samsung account is not something mandatory for you to operate the phone but it will open window for a lot of features and personalization options for you. Those who are an existing Samsung user or have used a Samsung phone in the past, and already have an account, can simply sign in to go ahead.

    Step 2

    To give a personal touch to your Note 5 smartphone, you can set a theme of your choice by either selecting one from the native themes or by downloading a new theme. Now that you have a Samsung Account, you can download new themes as per your interest. Themes allow you to change not just the wallpaper, icons, and sounds, but also some of the system apps and UI.

    How to Set? Long-press on any blank space on the home screen → tap Themes → Choose one of the pre-loaded themes, or tap THEME STORE → Find a theme you like, tap DOWNLOAD → After it installs you can tap APPLY


    Step 3

    You may want to get quick access to certain apps and features on your phone. The Note 5's quick setting allows doing so, as you can tweak the settings by going to the Quick Setting option in the notifications bar at the top of the screen, and then customize it as per your choice and preferences. Pull down on the notification shade → Tap EDIT in the top right → You can drag and drop toggles to your desire

    Please Note: You must have at least 5 toggles.


    Step 4

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a many pre-loaded apps that you may or may not want to use. In fact you may never use many of these pre-installed apps for these don't come useful for you. The Note 5 allows users to uninstall or disable these unwanted apps to offer you more space and smoother UI. So get rid of the useless, unwanted bloatware by going to the app drawer and then disabling or uninstalling the app.

    You can always uninstall the apps, by going into the app drawer, long-press on the app you'd like to remove, the app drawer will close and you'll see an option for Disable or Uninstall, just drag the app to the trash can and it's done!


    Step 5

    One of the key attractions of the Note series is the S-Pen integration. The S Pen in Note 5 is more powerful than ever, and brings new features, one of which is the ability to take a note even when the screen is turned off.

    All you need to do is to make changes in the S Pen option in settings menu, and turn on the Screen off memo. Now you can take out the S Pen anytime for taking quick notes, even while the screen is off.


    Step 6

    Battery is a major concern with most of the smartphone users. Hence, the Note 5 has features to ensure that users don't face battery issues, even while the battery size of the phone has been reduced than the Note 4.

    The Note 5 features an Ultra Power Saving Mode which disables most of the background apps, except a few important ones that include calls, messages and internet. The mode can be enabled to run the phone for longer. You can select this option by going into Settings → Battery.

    Besides this, the Note 5 also come with quick charging tech and wireless charger for the phone.


    Step 7

    Like the Note 4, the Note 5 also has a fingerprint scanner that can be used to put a fingerprint password for enhanced security. However, this time Samsung has improved the scanner for better user experience. You can add the fingerprint impressions in the security feature in settings menu.

    Just go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Tap on Screen lock type >Choose Fingerprints from the list and then +Add fingerprint

    Follow the instructions until 100% of your fingerprint has been scanned > Create a backup password > Tap Ok to Enable Fingerprint Lock

    Now to unlock your phone simply hold your finger on the home button and you can add up to five fingerprints in your device.


    Step 8

    The S Pen, as we mentioned earlier, is a major feature of the phone and makes the phone unique. The new S Pen in Note 5 is loaded with features and is capable to do a lot more than ever. You can take notes, even when the screen is off, doodle, cut, copy, paste, write on a screenshot, and do more with it.

    And just to ensure that you don't loose the magic pen, Samsung has this time added the S Pen alerts that will notify you in case you leave it behind.

    You can make changes in the S Pen settings and switch on the S Pen alert option.

    Then there is Air command floating launcher for getting quick access to S Pen apps.


    Step 9

    If you feel that the animation and the screen transitions are making your Galaxy Note 5 too slow then you can speed things up. Google has included a secret menu, but you just need to unlock the developer option. Navigate to device Setting and scroll down till you get About device. Now, find build number and tap it more than 7 time continuously to enable developer option.

    Go back to Settings menu and find Developer options, scroll down to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. Now, adjust them all to the speed of your liking.


    Step 10

    There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 5 is a larger phone and some find it hard to use with one hand. Thankfully, Samsung has added one-handed operation feature, which makes the display to shift to right or lift making it easy to operate in one hand. to enable this go to Settings >> Display >> One-handed operation. Now, you'll find two different options for making one-handed: Reduce screen size and One-handed input.

    To enable Reduce screen size, you just need to triple-pressing the home button the entire UI will shrink down to one corner. while, the one-handed input, permanently shrink things like phone keypad, calculator buttons, and more.



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