10 Things To Watch Out Before Buying A Cheap Tablet

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The Indian tablet market is growing spontaneously with tons of tablet under low to mid range tablets segment. You can find many unbranded cheap tablets available in the market that offers tempting hardware for almost half price by mainstream manufacturers.

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Many are very interested in buying an affordable tablet, and later regret investing on them. However, it doesn't mean that there are no good options out there when it comes to cheap tablets. In fact you can find plenty of good affordable tablets available in the market, but you have to choose carefully compromising for premium features while getting these one. Here are some tips for you to consider before buying a cheap tablets.

There are many cheap tablets out there in the market, that manages to reach the lower price segment by making some sacrifices. Some cheap tablets do not even include the support of Google Apps. Always check for Google Play Store in the tablet before buying, as it is place for the official app market.

Many cheap tablet comes with older version of CPU, which makes the tablet to dreadfully slow over a period of time. Always look for a tablet that comes with faster and latest processor under the hood.

Providing very less internal storage in tablets is another way to keep the price low. Such cheap tablets usually come with an option to expand storage using the microSD card. But, the newer version of Android no longer support to store app data on SD card. However, it is recommended to get a smartphone with at least 8GB of internal storage.

There are many high-end tablets that come with impressive primary camera along with some sort of scratch-resistance material on camera lens to avoid unexpected scratches. But, cheap tablets tend to be exposed to the camera elements, which makes to get scratched easily.

Buying the cheap tablet means compromising with the poor display. The resolution of the display in the cheap tablets are limited and has poor viewing experience.

The touchscreen display sensitivity has been advanced a lot. While, many are concerned about the size and the resolution of the display and not on touch sensitivity. Unbranded cheap tablets come with very poor quality touchscreen that lags touch recognition.

Almost every tablet makers are now incorporating Gorilla Glass to protect unexpected scratches on the screen. But, cheaper tablets has very little protecting material on the screen and can easily get shattered or scratched.

Many premium tablets comes with adequate software support. But, unbranded tablets never support or update the handset software or not even bother with it.

Battery life is important when it comes for buying a tablet. You have to check for a bigger battery capacity before buying a cheap tablet.

Always look for a branded tablets. You can find affordable tablets from many key manufacturer like Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and much more. Branded tablets always get adequate software and security support from the maker.

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