10 Tips and Tricks to get the best out of LG G4

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    Launched in India back in June - this high-end device, the LG G4 has made a dramatic entry touting the all new looks and design. Needless to say that the Korean tech giant has fascinated the smartphone lovers with its amazing innovation in terms of design eversince the company started the G line-up/series.

    The G2, G3 and even the wonderful G Flex has always pleased most of the company's fans and the G4 is likewise. If compared to the G3, the new G4 has quite a lot of improvement aspects. The company has improved the camera in this year's flagship and if you have not seen the device, you should to check out the new leather encased design applied on it.

    Anyway, while we reviewed the device, we also used quite a lot of its features, which we wanted to share with you all. Here are some of the things that you should know about G4 and how to customize it.

    Knock code

    While talking about LG smartphones if you happen to miss out on mentioning about the company's Knock code, it's a blunder. It's avery convenient and secure lock system that LG has introduced in all its devices for better security.

    It's not just LG that has the security feature but among all the other smartphone makers, this is the only company which has excelled in providing the best and easy security system.
    With Knock Code, you can pick a series of screen taps in a two-by-two grid that will wake up the screen and instantly unlock the phone. Since the physical button that wakes up the device in LG G4 is placed on the back side, if you have kept the phone on the table waking it up is a mess. But with the Knock Code you need not worry about lifting the phone to press the button. You simply need to tap the configured screen pattern on the display.


    Fixing the app drawer

    One of the best things about the LG G4 is that the default app drawer arrangement on the G4 is customizable, which means that you will have to change this to alphabetical order using the overflow menu button. Tap View apps by and select Name. LG allows you to have folders in the app drawer too, even if it's sorted by name, which is a huge advantage as you can keep several frequently used apps at the top.

    Smart Notice

    Smart notice is a widget which is also the first thing that you will see on the G4's home screen. It occupies the top half of the main home screen panel and has a clock, weather, and a text bar at the bottom. The text bar at the bottom updates with contextual information throughout the day, and the best part is that you can customize it by opening the settings in the upper right corner of the widget.

    Smart Notice basically offer notification from contacts, weather, phone info, and more, which might disturb you a lot and it is enabled by default. However, you can turn off this feature for one or all apps.


    Customizenotification panel

    Among Android users, you will agree with me when I say notification panel is the most important window among all the features in the phone. In LG G4, you can customize the Notification Panel, which is a quite helpful.

    To make changes to it, slide the row of toggles all the way to the left and you'll see an Edit button on the far right.The editing interface lets you disable the brightness or volume sliders, as well as rearrange/disable items in the toggle area


    Smart Bulletin

    Offering native home screen to smartphones by the manufacturers have become common. This takes the feel of the Android sometimes. LG suffers from the same with the Smart Bulletin, which is the part of its home brewed home screen. It sits to the left of the main screen like Google Now, but with least usefulness. However, you can disable it by pulling up the home screen layout editor with a pinch gesture. Then just grab the Smart Bulletin page and drag it to the remove icon up top.

    Smart Settings

    Not quite comprehensive name but this feature is incredible. It allows your phone to take care of things automatically. To enable this head on to General > Smart functions in the main system settings. Smart Settings allows you to automate some basic system settings like volume and WiFi based on where you are and the state of the phone. It's like a vastly simplified version of Tasker.

    There are three sections of Smart Settings: at home, away from home, and accessory. You can customize it to your convenience.



    Setting the interruption mode is very important these days because, there are hundreds of notification disturbing you throughout the day. You definitely need to turn some of them off.

    Unfortunately, you can't access interruption modes from the volume popup, but there is a toggle in the notification drawer. First head on to the main settings and find Interruptionsunder Sound & notification. Using this setting you can prioritize the notification and make your life a bit smoother.


    Set up content lock

    LG G4 has a coolest built-in feature to hide your content. It's called Content Lock and you can enable it with a quick trip to the Security settings in the Generaltab. This is a serious feature and if you forget your PIN, the content which you would have locked can't be recovered. To lock a photo, simply long-press and select Lock.

    Glance view

    This is a nifty LG feature, which enables users to access the basic features without waking up the device. Simply drag down on the screen and you'll open what LG calls "Glance View." It shows you the clock, status bar with any notification icons, and the date.

    Manual camera mode

    LG G4 is all about the new camera. This means that LG has the best camera standards among the current generation phones. The introduction of the manual camera mode has made LG even a better brand to go for. You can access the manual camera by tapping the menu button in the upper left corner of the viewfinder. Manual mode lets you control the ISO, shutter speed, focus, and more. All the buttons for this are along the bottom of the viewfinder.

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