5 Common Truecaller Queries and Their Answers

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If you are an Android or an iOS user, there are massive chances that you too are a Truecaller user. It still remains the easiest way to search contact numbers, block spam and identify incoming calls on your mobile phone.

In fact, Truecaller is one of the most integral apps that you will ever require to download on your handset. The app helps you find businesses, financial institutions, or friends in the Truecaller community easily via its dedicated search function.

5 Common Truecaller Queries and Their Answers

But while the app has already experienced more than 40 million users, there are times when it will be faced with a few problems that will become a living nightmare for you, most of it dealing with several queries you might have. Here's a look at the 5 most intense queries for the app and their solutions.

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Blocking Messages Not Happening

There are chances that you have Truecaller in your handset and it's suddenly stopped supporting the block messages feature. If that's the issue then it's basically due to the limitation that Google introduced on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and above. This, unfortunately, prevents the SMS blocking feature from working. Anything below 4.4 should work out fine.

How to Get a ‘Verification badge’

In order to get a ‘Verification badge,' you will need to associate your profile with a social media that the name matches against the Truecaller system. iPhone and Android users create their Truecaller profiles with their true names, and seeing if the Truecaller Community technology determines if the name is 'badge worthy.

How to Remove Notifications

Sadly enough, you cannot delete the notifications in the current situation. However, you can only mark them as read.

How to Deactivate Account

In order to deactive your current Truecaller account, just head over to the app -- Menu -- Settings -- About -- Deactivate account. It's quite simple and fast.

How to Change Phone Number in Truecaller

To change your phone number you need to deactivate your current account by going in the app -- Menu -- Settings -- About -- Deactivate account. Once that is done, verify your new phone number on your mobile. Also, see to it that Truecaller is connected to your phone.

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