5 Simple Steps to Minimize Mobile Data Usage on Your Android Device [HOW TO]

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With the rise in the number of handheld device users these days, the number of mobile based internet users are also taking a huge leap year over year. The smartphone users, however, will have to pay every penny back to the cellular company for every bit of internet data consumed.

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In other words, along with the growing number of smartphone users, the mobile internet data consumption has also increased. The data packs come in 2G or 3G versions. Thus depending on the budget and necessity, the users can subscribe the plan in their device.

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But most users have a constant query regarding the measures that they should take to reduce the data consumptions on their cell phones. Thus today, GizBot has come up with a number of ways to minimize the data consumptions in your smartphone.

Take a look at them in the sliders below:

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Bracketing Background Data Usage

You can simply go to the Settings >Data Usage and use the Limit Data option to reduce the excess burning of data in your smartphone. The feature will allow you to bracket the data usage and after the maximum date limit is reached, the mobile data will automatically be disabled. This is quite a helpful way to minimize the data consumption in your device.

Reducing Background Data Consumptions

First off, let all the app updates be taken care of via WiFi for which you will have to go to Settings> About Device> Software Update and enable update via WiFi Only. Most of the time it's the app update which will eat up all the internet data.

Installing Light Weight Browser

Getting a light weight browser is an added advantage as it helps in reducing a data consumptions by your smartphone. For example, Chrome Beta features a new experimental proxy service run by Google that promises to radically increase mobile browsing speeds while decreasing data loads. While Opera Mini is also an option which comes with a fast mobile browser powered by Opera's optimization proxies. The fast user interface, fast browsing experience, and page optimization have made Opera Mini one of the most downloaded Android browsers around.

Remove Ads

Unknown to many, the mobile advertisement service also does take up a lot of data from your plan. Thus disabling the ads would be a better option. You will get very few options for this one, either you will have to purchase the app which has ads removed already or you'll have to download an ad blocker apps like Notification Ad-blocking.

Using Streaming apps With Offline Modes

Adding advantage to the users, many streaming service apps are adding offline modes these days which means that the it will allow users to pre-cache data while on Wi-Fi to use them again when the user comes back to mobile data connection. To name a few, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker Radio, and Spotify would be helpful.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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