6 Major Problems With Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and How To Fix Them

    Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge has taken the spot of being the supreme smartphone in the market today. Samsung's competitors are having a tought time to cope up with the competition after the company launched it latest flagship devices. The company is not only changing its devices designs, but venturing into different shapes and sizes along with flexible and curved options.

    The Galaxy Note Edge with it's asymmetrical, curved design, delivers style, power and astounding features help the device to live up to its name. The Galaxy Note Edge is definitely something different and unique from anything you might have used in the past, but just like any other device available today, it's not without its flaws.

    Here are some flaws which we have found in the Galaxy Note Edge. Do take a peek and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

    Samsung Galaxy Note Edge In Pictures

    Data Connection

    A number of users have complained that their data connection is very faulty, and it only provides them with the data they need by taking much of their time. An easy way to solve this would be to find out whether a particular application is responsible by force-stopping certain apps or factory resetting, then selectively re-installing those applications.


    A number of agitated users of the Galaxy Note Edge have commented that they are struggling with a lot of lag-related issues. Whether it's simply using the regular applications of the phone, or browsing the internet, the phone seems to struggle with high amounts of activity. The soultion would be to Force restart the device or check for bad performace from thrid party applications that are not running properly. Check which apps are using up the most processor function on the phone and uninstall the ones you don't need.

    Camera Issues

    Some users have reported that their camera starts to act up on the Galaxy Note Edge after a couple of days of use. Sometimes the application works, and other times it quickly freezes, or crashes, asking users to restart the camera app. The best way out of this problem would be to use a different camera app such as Google camera app to check if the problem is hardware related or not. Or else you can adjust the settings on your camera application to see whether a lower resolution helps.

    Battery Issues

    Samsung has actually stated that it does expect the battery life to be smaller in the Galaxy Note Edge than it is in the Note 4, based on the second screen for the Edge, and the mAh capacity, however, there are ways to extend battery life. Use one of the Galaxy Note Edge power saving modes. Regular "Power Saving Mode" restricts background data and performance, whereas "Ultra Power Saving Mode" shuts down everything the phone doesn't need to make a call.

    Wi-Fi Issue

    Most smartphones today suffer when it comes to connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots and staying connected. Users have commented that the Galaxy Note Edge is no different in regards to maintaining signals. You can turn off the router that you're using and the Galaxy Note Edge and wait for a while before turning them back on or else go to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and forget the preferred network, before entering the details again from scratch.

    Apps Error

    Some users have reported that when they try to edit or change the applications on their favorites panel, they get an error message saying the panel has stopped working. Rsetarting the device might work, otherwise try to reduce the number of apps that have been instaled in the phone and then restart it.


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