How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Blasting: 7 Precautions to Take

Last year, a slew of accidents took place due to smartphone and other gadgets blasts and explosions. Remember, there was quite a disturbance nationwide, when a Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded and left second and third degree burns on a teenager. Before that, the Finnish mobile maker Nokia (a brand now owned by Microsoft) was also the one amongst controversies for the BL-5c batteries that exploded.

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The reason for these accidents, which impair people of their senses and sometimes end up in loss of lives is sometime the defect from the manufacturer's end, however, mostly it's because of the carelessness shown by an individual or the smartphone owner.

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Maybe these incidents can lead you to take a precautionary measure and thus prevent your mobile phone battery from blasting. Hence, today GizBot has come up with a few methods that will make sure that your device keeps calm and doesn't explode. Take a look at the slider below:

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Fake Batteries

Step 1:

Throw away those fake batteries that you bought just to save some money. Your life is costlier! Fake batteries may cost less, but they are one of the prime reasons for mobile dysfunctions and blasts.

Fake chargers

Step 2:

Now that you've done that throw away that fake charger too. (If you have one) These fake chargers, oil your battery by charging it in a most unlikely way.
Always remember to use the battery and charger --  same as the brand of the mobile phone. Stop borrowing chargers from friends when you're on a trip, carry your own.

Charging Precautions

Step 3:

An improper voltage supply to the battery can overheat it, thereby lead to an explosion. Avoid extended charging of your phone. Overcharging is not helpful in any way. Also, leaving your phone on charge overnight is the most undesirable thing to do. Avoid doing that.

Not Talking While Charging

Step 4:

Quit talking on the phone while charging it. You should adhere by it if you do want to land up in serious trouble.

Keep Water Away

Step 5:

Do not charge a wet phone. Water and electricity combined, are not a good friend of your phone.

Get Rid of Damaged Batteries

Step 6:

Replace your battery if it is damaged even a bit. Sometimes people ignore it which later leads to a catastrophe. (Especially if your battery has swollen up from the back.)

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Step 7:

Do not keep your phone in environments where it has to face extremes of temperatures. Printed circuit boards are sensitive to temperature.

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Follow the above steps to avoid any such accidents.

Batteries of mobile phones
The science behind Lithium Iron batteries

The batteries of mobile phones are made of Lithium Iron. These batteries suffer from a little problem that called "thermal runaway" whereby excess heat promotes even more excess heat which leads to the disaster. Because of this, they are equipped with a system that protects against overcharging and prevents hazardous reactions of the chemicals contained within. It is quite often said that even the inexpensive batteries produced by unknown companies are just as reliable as the original.

So follow these steps and stay safe!

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