Smartphone Overheating Problem? These Easy Tips Will Help You Fix the Issue!

We have seen many complaints of our reader regarding their new Android smartphone for overheating. There are tons of complaints on huge number of popular budget smartphones such as Lenovo K3 Note, Yu Yuerka, Yuphoria, Micromax Spark, Xiaomi Mi 4i and much more.

It doesn't mean that all budget smartphone have overheating issues. Even some of the premium smartphones like OnePlus 2 and Sony Xperia Z series that are powered by ill-fated Snapdragon 810 CPU, which is alleged to heat for some of the users.

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However, many smartphone sometimes heat up while playing intensive graphics games or after watching YouTube video or making video call on Skype. To overcome this we have few simple tips that you can use to cool down the smartphone. Read on to know more.

Tip 1:

First thing you need to do is to disable the location tracking, the Maps application uses it and requires higher battery power and also your handset continue to search for the current location and cause heating.

Instead, keep it switched off when you are not using the maps. Meanwhile, not only Maps, lots of other apps like Facebook, Google also tend to use the location service. Also you can turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi to ensure higher power saving and reduce smartphone heating.

Tip 2:

Use of 3G and 4G Data for longer period time will increase the chance of heating. When you use mobile data continuously for playing online games on your smartphone, then processor and GPU will continuously start working that cause heat. The only solution is to take breaks after every 20 minutes of gaming.

Tip 3:

Too many apps running at the same time opened on the smartphone can cause it to heat up due to unnecessary process running in the background. Use task killer apps like Clean master to kill the background apps when not required.

Tip 4:

Always update your smartphone OS and apps. If your have not updating your apps and OS, chances are your smartphone is running un-optimized apps that causes heat.

Tip 5:

Using a old battery or non-genuine batteries can wreck havoc on your smartphones working. So always get a genuine batteries either by authorized dealer for the mobile brand.

Tip 6:

Most of the users do lot of multi-tasking on their smartphones, using Wi-Fi and other data services like 3G, 4G data will heat up device and drains battery faster. Turn On WIFI /3G / 4G whenever required as it will also reduce load on the smartphone processor and help it cool down faster.

Tip 7:

More apps installed on your smartphone processes continuously to run in the background. Apps like Facebook and Messenger continuously run on background. Try removing the apps which you are not using and always uninstall unused apps.

Tip 8:

Try avoid playing games for longer period of time, event the best smartphone get heated up after playing graphics intensive games. Always, take a break after 20-25 minutes to make sure your mobile gets less heated.

Tip 9:

If your smartphone is continuously heating even after doing all optimization, then rooting and installing custom ROM will sometime help you to reduce heating issue.

Tip 10:

It is recommended not to use the smartphone when charging. Playing game or using data to watch video when your smartphone is charging will put the smartphone processor under huge amount of heat. Try avoiding to use smartphone when charging.


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