Android 7.0 Nougat: HOW to Update via OTA and Manually

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Google has released the final version of Android Nougat and it will be rolled out to devices in the following days. However, right now it is available only on select Nexus devices.

Android 7.0 Nougat: HOW to Update via OTA and Manually

There were numerous rumors that the Android N will be released as early as August this year and Google has confirmed it by releasing the build on Monday. It is recommended to wait for the roll out of the OTA update to your Android smartphone, but you can get it otherwise as well.

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If you have received the beta version of Android N earlier, you will definitely receive the update to the final version. Usually, downloading and installing a new build of Android on Nexus devices was a headache, but now Google has made it easy. These steps will guide you on how to install Android N on your device.

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Check for the update

You need to find out if the update is available for your phone by going to Settings → About Phone → Software Update. You need to keep in mind that not all phones will receive the update on the day one. It will be rolled out in phases based on region and carriers. You will get a notification that the update is available over the air.

Download the Android N beta

If you haven't received the update as an OTA yet, you can install the beta program of the update. This is specific only to some models in the Nexus lineup. You need to visit and sign into the account associated with the device. Then, you need to enrol the device and check for the update. You can just enrol the device to remove it from the beta program.

Manually update to Android Nougat

If you are not updating via the beta program for some reason, you can try this method, but this is not recommended as it involves flashing that will erase all the data if something goes wrong. Proceed with this only after a backup. You need to do this with the Android Debug Bridge on your PC and from the Developer Options.

Make sure you Backup your phone

Before you opt for a Nougat update on your phone, remember to backup all your files including contacts, photos, videos, and other necessary app data.

Charge your phone

Before you upgrade, remember to charge your phone up to 80 percent. It is necessary to charge your phone before you start the download. If you are downloading an update, you can also keep your phone charged as this will help you to keep your phone charged and ready to use.

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