How To Use Visual Effects Feature On Google Meet Application?


Google has a wide range of services and tools to offer to the masses backed with new technologies that help with a hassle-free lifestyle. One such service offered by the search giant is Google Meet. It is a video communication tool that is helping the modern generation with online meetings and conferences.

How To Use Visual Effects Feature On Google Meet Application?

Google Meets has become one of the most used online video conferencing platforms nowadays. It saw a surge in its user base following Zoom took a hit for privacy-related concerns. Google has released several new features for the Meet video-conferencing application.

Amongst the most unique features offered by Google Meet are the 'change background' and 'visual effects' feature. The former lets you customize the background by uploading wallpapers, while the latter lets you add effects to the screen such as blur, pixelate, and even inverse the camera for fun interactions.

We already have shared the steps to change the background on Google meets in one of our previous articles. This time we will be guiding you with the steps to use the visual effects feature on Google Meet. Let's take a look:

Steps To Use Visual Effect Option On Google Meet

Step 1: To use Google Meet's visual effect feature you will need to install a dedicated Chrome extension. You can download the same from the Chrome store.

Step 2: Once the extension is added to the browser go to the Google Meet application.

Step 3: From inside of the Google Meet application select the extension option to activate the code. Once the code is activated you will be able to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Now, select the visual effect you would like to add to your background. You can select from a wide range of options ranging from blur, soft blur, 3D Movie, virtual green screen, rainbow, AR sunglasses, freeze, and more.


Step 5: If in case, the visual effect feature doesn't function properly by following the above steps, try switching on and off the web camera briefly. This should get the feature working.

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