10 Clever Tricks to Fix Smartphone Charging Problems!

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Many smartphone users immediately assume that your phone charger or your battery is dead, if their handset battery is not charging properly.

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Well instead of rushing to the service center, you can simple fix the charging issues in your smartphone. The problem occurs in various degrees, either your phone won't charge at all or it will only charge very slowly. Well, it is a very common complaint for many of us, so here are a few solutions.

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Fix USB Port


The quickest, easiest and often most successful solution is to repair it yourself. Often the problem will be of less contact with a metallic surfaces inside the USB port. All you need to do is power off your device, remove the battery if possible and use something small tool like pin, toothpick, to lever up.

Remove lint / dust


If you often keep your phone in jeans pocket, then lint could be the culprit. Clean the lint or dust frequently form the USB charger port.

Switch cables


The easiest way to diagnose a faulty cable is to try a different one and see if it works properly with your device. Then get a new cable.

Switch adapter


Also check whether the same charger or cable combination works on different device, this will help you to eliminate the possibility of default product.

Replace the battery


Smartphone battery doesn't last forever, and after a couple of years they start to struggle to hold charge. Replace your smartphone battery to have battery charging.

Use Wall Charger


For faster charging, always charge the smartphone battery using the wall charger. If your handset just got USB cable, then buy a compatible standard AC adapter for wall outlet.

Avoid Charging Via USB Hub


Charging the smartphone with USB hub slows down the process by up to 50 percent.

Charge Using Desktop


Desktop uses more power than laptops, so smartphones will be charged faster using USB port on desktop.

Use Docking Station


Docking stations are not quite as fast as a wall charger, but it will charge comparatively faster.

Turn Off Unused Settings


To get faster charging, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Sync while charging.

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