One Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked: 5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

Here are 5 simple ways to secure your Yahoo account.

By Sneha

    Yahoo has been in news for quite sometime, after the internet pioneer disclosed that a group of cyber hackers had scooped into their email system and hacked 1 billion email accounts.

    5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

    In a statement to the media, Yahoo asserted that the hackers had recorded user's personal information including their name, contact numbers, and even their passwords, which are said to be encrypted with easily broken form of security. Yahoo reported that they are clueless on the hackers identity, and what happened to the recorded information.

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    The California-based company lost over 6 percent shares after the data breach incident was revealed early this week, and the the incident is the largest known data breach in the history.

    We at GizBot have come up with ways to keep your Yahoo email account safe from hackers. Let's check them out.

    Create Strong Passwords and Use Special Characters

    To avoid hackers to attack your email account, ensure to keep a strong password. Use special characters to secure the password, making it difficult for anyone to guess it. Don't use names, birthdays, phone numbers and similar things as your password, as most of your close ones will already know the details, and quickly guess it and hack your account easily.

    Changing passwords at regular interval is a good idea. One should also ensure to avoid using the same password for all their online accounts.

    Update Your Account Recovery Information

    There are account recovery questions to ensure security. However, most of such questions are related to your personal life, and this makes it easy for your close ones to guess it right. Hence, changing the answers to those questions on a regular basis is a good idea.

    Safely Access Your Yahoo Account on a Shared Computer

    We often tend to sign in on our online account from public computers, and forget to sign out. Leaving your account signed in on other computers increases the chance of account hack. Hence, it is always a good idea sign out after each session, be it on your personal device or public computers.

    Turn on Two-step Verification

    Adding an extra layer of protection to your Yahoo account with two-step verification is always a good idea. Two-step verification uses both your password and an extra security code to verify your identity whenever you sign in to your account. If someone else tries to access your account, even if they know your password, they will not able to access your emails.

    Check Your Account's Sign-in Activity

    Keeping a periodic check the your account's login activity and the location of the each sign in is a good idea. This will enable you to identify if anyone else is misusing your account, identifying any unfamiliar login locations and devices.

    Yahoo is in the process to alert the affected customers to change their passwords and security questions and answers, and review their accounts for any suspicious activity.

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