Top 10 Smartphone Problems and How to fix it?

    There are several places where your smartphone can give you problems. These are 10 critical areas your phone can give you a problem putting the weight on your phone's specification as well as on the apps installed on your Phone. Here are 10 ways to fix 10 problems that your smartphone can give you.

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    Low on Battery

    Battery still remains an issue for most people who use their phones heavily. The best way to make sure is not waste battery by restricting apps activity on the background. Another way would be to to use your phone when you need it.

    Understanding What you Type

    The Smartphone keyboard or keypad can give you a problem at times. You may end up sending messages that you did not want to say because of typo errors or may be because of selecting the wrong word that your phone's keyboard might suggest. Some tools like Swiftkey might help.

    Giving You more control

    Some phones come with pre-installed apps. These pre-installed apps can make your phone slow. You can uninstall these apps. Previously, several Smartphone manufacturers used to preinstall apps on smartphones. However, a rule made by Google gives you control over apps by uninstalling these apps preinstalled by smartphone makers

    Being Durable

    Durability is often an issue with most phones. While there is definitely a Motorola Shatterproof phone that has a tough exterior, several phones out there don't often survive a hard fall. Even if they do, they end up with some damage.Protect your phone with a case or back cover. 

    Taking Good Pictures

    Taking good pictures can be a problem in low light conditions. Take extra care to follow the basic rules of photography (like using your light), tweak your camera app's settings, and even do a little post-processing work to make those pictures usable.

    Staying Focused

    Social media can help you stay informed. The Email, social media are great tools, but make sure you don't end up using your smartphone while driving on the road. It will lead to accident. Besides using too much of the smartphone during social interactions can be annoying

    Phone Notifications

    Phone notifications can be annoying if not for you, for others. A barrage of notifications on your phone from messaging apps and social media accounts can be disturbing for others. It is better to mute notifications on chats and take keep notifications only from chats that may be important.

    Staying Up to Date

    Even the latest phone can feel outdated after a few months. You can always keep upgrading the OS instead of getting the new phone. You can upgrade to the latest version of Android or iOS that your phone is eligible for, instead of buying a new phone.

    Saving Your Money

    You can settle down for a mid range phone instead of a very expensive phone.It is better to reduce your smartphone bill by opting for a phone that you can afford instead of a one that you can't. You definitely love a high end phone, but you can still get a budget or mid-range android.

    Call Drops

    Call drops have been the most annoying thing about phones. This problem can be solved by getting a new SIM card if your SIM card is not working properly. Still, you can stay close to the window if you have problems.

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