How to Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Number to Facebook

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WhatsApp recently came up with an announcement regarding changes in its terms and conditions. This came as a shock to the one billion plus WhatsApp users as it will share their mobile numbers with Facebook.

How to Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Number to Facebook

WhatsApp stated that the messages will remain encrypted and the service will show ways in which the firms can communicate with the customers via the messaging platform. This way, WhatsApp claims to learn more about the users' habits. It is meant to improve the ad services and other user data.

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Connecting WhatsApp account details with Facebook is pretty helpful for the former as the latter can better show the friend suggestions and display more relevant advertising. If you want to do something to stop the data sharing with Facebook, you can opt out of the same.

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Check out how you can stop WhatsApp data sharing from your WhatsApp account from the slider below.

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End-to-end encryption will remain intact

WhatsApp conversations are end-to-end encrypted and the same will remain even with the new data sharing option. The conversations on WhatsApp will be hidden from Facebook. This should be true even for the advertisers, third parties and others.

You will be notified

Firstly, you will be notifedn by WhatsApp that it has changed its terma dn conditions when you launch the messenger. You just have to uncheck the option 'Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook' to stop the data sharing.

Your ads experience will not be improved

However, you should understand that unchecking the box will not make you eligible to get improved targeted ads experience. Do it only if you are ok with it and hit agree.

Opt out of WhatsApp data sharing

If you have already agreed to the terms and conditions, you have another way to opt out of the WhatsApp data sharing. This is possible from the Settings menu. Go to Settings → Account → Share my account info and uncheck the box.

Act fast to opt out

If you want to stop data sharing, you need to act fast. The reason is that you have just 30 days of time to opt out of the same.

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