Gmail For Android: 10 Secret Tips And Tricks You Should Know

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If you are a regular user of the mail service from Google, which we all are in this era, you may find yourself stuck with hundreds of messages that you'll probably never read but that you don't want to throw out.

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Gmail for Android comes with great new features and managing all your emails is still a big task. The Gmail for Android has some handy features, but how many tricks do you know to make it even easier. We are here to guide you for the best usage of the Gmail app on your Android smartphone.

First, update your Gmail app form the Play Store to get the latest features. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

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Merge Inboxes

The latest version of Gmail for Android comes with a helpful feature that shows unified inbox view. It let you to look at messages from several Google accounts at once.

Quick Actions

There are quick ways of performing tasks, which makes it easier to work your way through an email backlog. Try swiping emails from left or right to archive them.

Solve Sync Problems

If you have problem in synchronizing emails faster. Then navigate to Settings and tap on Accounts to see your Google account and tap on sync enable.

Search Smarter

The search in the Gmail app looks simple, but you can use the search box to get emails of specific period. For instance, enter "older_than:1y" or "older_than:1d" in the search box to find messages more than a year or a day old.

Mute Conversations

The app includes a Mute features like the Gmail on the web. Any new messages in threads that are muted will automatically archived, so that you don't see them.


Auto-advance is an useful features to get the advantage of when you need to work through a lot of emails at once. Go to Settings in the app menu and select General Settings and tap on Auto-Advance and choose your preference.

Sort Emails Easily

Gmail introduced few different inboxes to sort-out emails easily; Priority Inbox, Inbox, Span and many.

Add Non-Gmail Accounts

You can now add other email accounts like Yahoo, Outlook in the Gmail app. Go to app settings, and tap on add account to add non-gmail accounts.

Tap Sender To Select Multiple Emails

Another easiest way to keep inbox clean is by deleting multiple emails at once. You can select multiple emails by just tapping on sender profile image.

Attach Files Directly From Google Drive

Now you can directly attach files, which are saved in Google Drive.

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