How to Add Languages On Your Computer: Here are 5 Easy Steps

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While English remains the universal choice in the most common language of communication, there are times we feel the need to add more new languages on our computers just to make life a bit easier.

English may be the most common choice, but there are still a host of people around the world who feel more comfortable in their own native tongues. Maybe that's why you have so many websites operating in India that are administered by a person with the sense of the native language.

How to Add Languages On Your Computer: Here are 5 Easy Steps

But if you think adding a new language to your computer is a hard ordeal, you could never be more wrong your entire life. On the contrary, it's one of the most easiest things ever. And here are the 5 easy steps to help you out.

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Step 1

Head over to Control Panel. Know that you can also access Control Panel by double-clicking on My Computer and selecting "Control Panel" or "Change a Setting."

Step 2

Here a dialog will pop up. In the dialog, click "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options." Or in classic view, simply "Regional and Language Options."

Click the "Languages" tab

Click the "Languages" tab

Step 4

Here click Add and select your language of preference from the drop-down box. If it prompts for a keyboard layout, select the one that's applicable in this case.

Step 5

Press OK to finalize the new changes. Later, when you want to switch languages, either press left Alt + Shift until the little box on the taskbar changes.

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