How apple transformed photography with iPhone

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The term photography now cannot be limited to the use of all those heavy cameras that are available in the international market. With the rise of the smartphones, especially Apple based iPhone that comes with superior camera resolution as well as camera specification, most of the users across the world are thinking whether they have to carry the SLR’s as well as digital cameras when the Apple iPhone do the bit of job what they require.

 You might be surprised, but the fact is that iPhone is really turning out to be a clear winner even in this segment too. With many applications that are available for download for free or at a very minimal rate from the iTunes App Store, users can do any kind of modification and enrichment on to the image captured by iPhone to give it more of a professional look.

Of the iPhone versions that are out there in the international market, most of the credit goes to Apple iPhone 4S that comes with stunning camera resolutions as well as image quality.


How apple transformed photography with iPhone

With several add-ons being available inorder to enhance the looks of the photos that have been taken by means of iPhone, the concept of an iPhoneography has already emerged among the user community.

  • Some of the add-on lenses that are playing a significant role in customization of the images include Fisheye as well as Telephoto. Both of them come at minimal rates of $35 as well as $25 respectively.


  • If the user is really keen on the concept of iPhoneography, then it will be quite better to make use of Photojojo’s SLR mount that comes at a whopping rate of approximately $250, but the advantage is that users can attach it to their iPhone and snap photos with the utmost professional touch and clarity.


  • The quality of the camera of the iPhone is very superior.

 But some analysts predict that with the launch of applications like instagram as well as Hipstatmatic, there has been a greater divide that is emerging between the actual and the believed quality of the image since the customization as well as filtering that is possible by means of these applications.

 Apple’s iPhone is creating waves across the photo sharing websites, for example Flickr, Of the five most popular camera phones that are available on Flickr, four of them belonged to Apple’s iPhone with the models ranging from iPhone4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S. The iPhone seems to be the best option inorder to take photos and sharing them online and that too with just the click of a button.


The fact is that the popularity of the iPhone 4S as a camera has increased many folds since its launch and the users are seriously thinking twice to go for a SLR camera with iPhone 4S being an inevitable competitor for SLR cameras.


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