How to Avoid Your Smartphone from Being Stolen: 5 Easy Steps

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The biggest threat to a smartphone in recent times is the risk involved in it being misplaced or stolen. In fact, each of us must have passed through that phase where you suddenly realize that your phone is missing from your pocket.

Indeed, misplacing a handset is probably the biggest scare one could have, apart from it being hacked. And it's an even bigger a scare if you bought the handset just recently after splurging a lot of money.

How to Avoid Your Smartphone from Being Stolen: 5 Easy Steps

But there are ways by which you can save your handset from being stolen. And they aren't even as complicated as you think. Here are the top 5 ways.

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Keep it Near You

The best way to avoid someone picking up your handset is by always keeping it in front of your eyes. Make sure you always have your handset near you so that there's no way some random person picks it up.

Avoid People Asking for Time

One of the ways handset snatchers have excelled is by asking people about time and then scooting off with a handset. Well, next time onward, be a little selfish and either look at the your wristwatch or politely say that you don't know.

Be Careful on Public Transit

The most prominent places where smartphones are stolen remain to be in buses or metros. Although there may or may not be CCTV cameras, thieves will still take an opportunity to steal your phone in such crowded place. Make a note and hide it somewhere they will never get their hands into.

Don't Leave it Anywhere

Most of the times phone are nabbed is due to negligence of the owner. Either they keep it somewhere they don't remember later, or they place it away from the reach of their eyes. Whatever it may be, keep it as close to you as possible.

Avoid Dangerous Localities

There's no need to flash or carry your new handset into an area that's know for problematic residents. For the time being, just keep your handset at home and you will considerable reduce your chances of being mugged.

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