How to Connect Your Windows PC To Bluetooth: 5 Easy Steps

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There are times that we have wanted to transfer data between a mobile phone and a computer without necessarily connecting with a wire. And since the USB cable was not to be found, we didn't manage to transfer the data.

Bluetooth, as you may already know, is the most seamless way of transferring data to other devices. And with each year, a new version of Bluetooth comes around. Hence connecting between two device from the same maker isn't that difficult.

How to Connect Your Windows PC To Bluetooth: 5 Easy Steps

But there are a few problems when you try to connect a handset's Bluetooth with that on your computer. Well, we have a few tips on the same that will save you the pain.

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Step 1

First, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile device. You can easily locate the Bluetooth button on the "Settings" menu of the device. Also make sure that your Bluetooth on the device is discoverable.

Step 2

On your computer, head over to the Start menu and click on "Control Panel." You will find it at the right side of the menu, above the "Devices and Printers" option.

Step 3

Head over to the option "Add device" and click on it. This option is underneath "Hardware and Sound" and is on the right side of the Control Panel window.

Step 4

After clicking "Add device," a window will pop up. This is the "Add a device" wizard and will automatically start searching for the Bluetooth-enabled device.

Step 5

Now pair the computer to the mobile device. Once the device's name appears on the menu, click on it and then "Next" at the bottom right of the window to resume the Bluetooth pairing of the PC and the mobile device. And you are done.

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