How Facebook plug-in can be leveraged in a business website?

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Facebook is known around the world as a pioneer in social networking services. The social networking site is witnessing higher growth with more and more new members joining this service on a daily basis. Facebook is expected to have 1 billion members by the end of this year.

As far as business users are concerned, the easiest ways for them to make online presence is to add social plug-ins to the business user’s corresponding website. Here is a detailed description regarding some of the top Facebook plugins that suits the business needs.

Facebook Like Button

  • This is one of the most notable features which helps the users in sharing pages from their site back to the Facebook profile by means of a single click

  • Whenever the user click on the Like button, users can view that a story will appear on the friends News Feed which will be provided with a link back to their website

  • The Like button can be included besides any content on the user’s site

How Facebook plug-in can be leveraged in a business website?

One of the best examples include StyleFactory which is a website that specializes in home décor and they have in their website a Like button which allows the customers to vote on the products they wish the company to produce more as well as the products that they think should be offered with discounts.

Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box is also considered to be another alternative for the Like button. For the starters, it is always desirable to select a pared-down box that should be a combination of the user’s Facebook Page Name, logo as well as the Like button.

But the inclusion of a fully featured box seems to be the best way forward;

  • The box should display the number of users who already like the page

  • Displays recent posts from the page

  • Users can like the page just by means of a single click

It is always preferable that users rely on the simple version in case the Facebook activity as well as fan base is limited.

Facebook Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations provides users with personalized opinions as well as suggestions for the pages that other users might like.

  • One of the major attractions is that the plug-in is capable of displaying the personalized recommendations whether or not the users has logged in to the website

How Facebook plug-in can be leveraged in a business website?

  • The plug-in will consider almost all the social interactions with URLs on the user’s site for generating the recommendations

  • For the user who have already logged in to their Facebook, the plug-in provides preference to highlight the objects their friends have interacted with

  • Users will then have to enter the domain name of their choice that must be unique

Facebook Comments

  • Other users can post comments about the content of the user’s site

How Facebook plug-in can be leveraged in a business website?

  • Users can share the comment on Facebook so that it will be posted on to their wall as well as friends streams

  • The comments box also plays a major role in reducing the spam comments on to the user’s site

This is how Facebook plugins can be leveraged in a website.

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